Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Welcome to 2012! All right, we will start this year with some definitions, distinguishing between issues that a lot of fans inwardly ponder. One of the original articles that I wrote in this blog last year was titled WHAT IS SCI FI? And it described various genres of Science Fiction, while giving lots of pictures as paradigms of the topic discussed. Today I'll draw the line between two fascinating genres that are commonly blended into one broad group. People often say things like "This is a Science Fiction & Fantasy book". And while that can be true, Sci Fi and Fantasy can be separated into two distinct groups, as explained below

Sci Fi [Science Fiction] is technically defined as an area of imagined fiction that is founded upon futuristic themes, while drawing from current and post-modern technical innovations in order to support the presented society. Sci Fi usually involves other eldritch [alien] worlds, which are the spawning grounds for wondrous foreign races and beautiful alien species. Sci Fi can be written, drafted, or broadcasted in order to tell the desired tale. Elements common to Sci Fi are: MECHA and giant robots, ultra-modern machines, various spaceships, battle cruisers, aliens, warp gates and teleporting beams. And the weapons utilized commonly include laser blasters, energy swords [like light sabers], photon cannons, ion beams, antimatter warheads etc.
Examples of Sci Fi works [movies/cartoons/games] are: Star Wars, The Matrix, Mass Effect, Chronicles of Riddick, Babylon 5, Star Trek, StarChaser: The Legend of Orin, Transformers, StarCraft I & II, Ghost in the Shell, Tron:Legacy and Akira.

Fantasy Fiction can be categorized as an area of imagined fiction tied to supernatural phenomenon, such as magic spells, mystical realms, mystical creatures and other fairytale themes. Fantasy works can be set in historic/classical or modern times. And honestly, most superhero comic characters fall into this category, simply because of the supernatural/superhuman phenomena that they showcase time and time again. Fantasy Fiction can be written, drafted, or broadcasted as well.
Elements common to Fantasy are: giant dragons, diverse monsters, super beings, fairies, witches, elves, vampires, zombies, angels, demons and ogres. And the weapons commonly include swords, axes, maces, epidermal energy beams [heat vision, sonic pulses and the like], bows & arrows etc.
Examples of Fantasy works [movies/cartoons/games] are: Thundercats, Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, The Legend of Zelda, Superman, Spiderman, He-Man, She-Ra, The Sword in the Stone, Battle Chasers, Gargoyles, Naruto & Bleach, League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

Both Sci Fi & Fantasy have shared subcategories [such as Cyberpunk, Steampunk, war & military, high tech, thrillers, historic reinterpretations etc]. Of course there will always be crossover works that borrow themes from both the Sci Fi & Fantasy genres, thus creating hybrid worlds. He-man was also a hybrid, and the DSNG series is actually a hybrid work, tagged as Techpunk.

Here are some sexy Sci Fi & busty Fantasy babes [based on the Cheesecake art style]. The artists behind the works showcased include DSNG Artist, Sakimi Chan, Kazakami, Loopydave, Terry Dodson, James Ryman, and Derek Herring. And per the definitions above, I'm sure you can easily categorize the images by yourself:



Yes, I did the first and last pics... some fans will remember Mrs. May [The Super Milf] and Meme [cat girl] & Katrina [her nemesis] from my classic SFA Web Comic.... which is still on a fantasy-like Hiatus :)

And speaking of fantasies, the so-called "Mayan calendar prediction" was WRONG, and the 2012 Movie was a load of BS. The world is NOT going to end this year. Yes, there may be some natural disasters like floods, quakes, etc, but that is part of natural phenomenon. The Mayan civilization existed from 250 - 900 A.D. And actually, the Mayan's Borrowed their original calendar from another race that preceded them, meaning the foundations of their star gazing maps and so-called dates are not even original - hence they can't even be regarded as accurate. Have a happy new year!

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