Monday, January 5, 2015


All right guys, this one will be brief. I want to encourage you and give you some incisive tips for 2015, things to help you stay focused this year. They are easy guidelines for you to follow, to help you stay on track. And you don't have to be a writer / artist to utilize these points.

Plus I've added some anime posters to keep this article from being completely bland. And some of the fanboys will recognize the characters on the left from the One Piece Anime [Nami and Robin].

Now let's begin!

1. Write down your objectives for the year 
These are the goals you want to accomplish. If you want to write a new book, loose just 5 Pounds of weight, etc, then write those goals down and post the note on your bedroom door, on the inside, so that you see those goals every morning. Or put in on your phone's calendar. As you complete small goals [like loosing 5lbs], then you can make larger goals. Personally, I write about 3 ebooks a year, but initially I had to start small. And with hard work and dedication, I was able to do a lot more stuff. And I believe you can do the same!

2. Surround yourself with positive people everyday
This one has to do with gaining motivational strength and encouragement, so that you can accomplish your daily goals. People that always pull you down and tell you what you can't do are toxic to your dreams, so strive to avoid them. There is a difference between a truthful friend and a callous critic. The friend can tell you if your work is not up to par, while giving you tips for improvement. But the critic just says hateful negative things - so completely avoid them, ignore them, or block them online. Look back on the past year... was there someone that always made you feel sad or low? If so, then kick them out of your life! You don't need someone that doesn't appreciate you, because there are other people out there that will celebrate and accept you for who you are!

3. Highlight professional mentors that are doing what you want to do and study them
When you meet guys or gals that are living the dream that you desire, then befriend them humbly and follow those people online. Try and find out their habits and by just talking to them and being friendly, you can learn a lot. Make sure you have more than one mentor, since no one guy knows everything in his entire professional industry. Also, if this applies to your field, then buy their comics, posters, artbooks, ebooks or other stuff and study their styles, and add their knowledge to your archives.

4. Learn to walk away from the stuff that steals your time
Honestly, one of the things that you can never buy back is time. Your time is a precious commodity and you should gradually learn to keep a timed schedule that allocates fixed time periods to your work... one of the greatest time-stealers in this modern era is the freakin' Internet, so try not to "live online". Make a daily schedule that you adhere to, after work or school and post it on your bedroom wall / door, or on your tablet. And be sure to add some time for relaxation, since you're not a Trion* that doesn't need to sleep! 

5. Never give up on your dreams!
You are here for a reason and you have a purpose on earth! If you fall down, just dust yourself and get back up, because even the greatest artists / athletes have bad days [which make you appreciate the good days!] So stay positive, keep your head up and never give up on your dreams!

That's all for now. Wishing you all the best in 2015!
~ from DSNG Artist!

* Most of my fans already know this, but to the newbies, "Trions" are droids in the DSNG Sci Fi Series.