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Welcome to the online DSNG portal, where pics, notes, reviews and previews will be posted by the author of the DSNG CHRONICLES SCI FI SERIES. DSNG was initially designed as a 12-part comic series back in 2003, but it was later converted to a string of lengthy e-books, presented as an endless saga.
Books 1 and 2 of this epic sci fi action adventure series are available now at , just search in the kindle store for "DSNG". And more books are forthcoming...

Tons of supporting digital artwork exists for this series [showing main characters, locations and vehicles], as the author is also a graphic designer/indy comic artist.

The focus of this Blog is sci fi based entertainment; science fiction topics, movies, futuristic and conceptual art, comic art, and space opera themes. And an occasional "behind the scenes" glimpse into the creative process of the author/artist shall be presented for fans to follow.

Current Web sites where artwork by the author of the DSNG series, Chidi Okonkwo, can be found:

A New Sci Fi Adventure Begins

The Saga has already begun; it was launched a few months ago. If your interested in an action packed thrill ride that grips you from start to finish while stimulating your mind into cogitative thoughts, then you've come to the right place. DSNG is a continuous tale, centered around a man named Prince Azzar Omenus. Avera is a unified world immersed in an ultramoderniaztion era, and it is the focal planet in the Makuran Galaxy, where a total of 7 major planets are found.

Prince Azzar is a super soldier and he and his associates reside on planet Avera. He is a bit of an introvert, and per his potent pedigree, he was born with superhuman strength. HE is not the only being in the galaxy or even on his home world with this peculiar gifting, as their are fellow elite soldiers [and notorious villains] who also possess diverse super human giftings. The Nation of Avera is governed by a monarch, Azzar's cousin. And their military is divided into three distinct divisions: The Nova XSI Troopers, the Imperial Knights, and the Alpha Senturi. Azzar is the Senior Commanding Officer of the Centura [the Averan National Military] and he is an Alpha Senturi [black-ops soldier] by training.

Link to a larger version of the above image:

Prince Azzar is shown in the poster above in his Alpha armor, rocketing through the cityscape of New Romania, the capital mega state of planet Avera. The series follows his daily life, kicking off several months after a victorious Interplanetary battle tagged as The War of Marvus.

And from that point, the explosive adventure starts, as the Gorilla rebel militia strive to kick off a covert plot tagged as Operation Black Rain; a diabolical scheme with rippling galactic repercussions birthed within the mind of the Overlord, the clandestine eldritch leader of the Gorilla rebels.

Beyond the hardcore sci fi concepts presented for the audiences pleasure, there are many in-depth descriptions in each book; as the author takes the time to carefully describe the scenery in a very artistic manner. This just makes things easier to visualize, as the scripted adventure progresses. And since there are pictures included at the end of each digital book, you'll never have to wonder what the focal aliens/humanoids look like.

DSNG is a mature story. It it were shown as a blockbuster sci fi movie, it would probably have an R rating, per explosive action and romantic scenes. Yes, there is some sexuality, presented in context with the storyline. A candid view of the characters and their daily interactions are constantly presented by the author. Thus the audience gets to see everything that takes place, while also hearing the unspoken thoughts of the main protagonist and his associates.

The DSNG Series Overview:

Link to larger vesrion of the above image:

DSNG Book 1 and Book 2 are both over 500 pages long. And the entire 14-page Prologue from Book 1 will be presented soon in this blog, just stay tuned. There is also a galactic map, that shows the major planets of the Makuran Galaxy [the alternate universe where this epic series is based] along with the orbiting moons around each world. That digitally colored map will be presented here in this blog as well, soon.

EDIT: Books 3 and 4 of this series have also been launched at


E-Book Links, for
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DSNG Chronicles Book 4

Ideas don't just fall out of the sky. Everyone needs inspiration from someone that they look up to, who has already been successful in their desired field. And the author of the DSNG series was greatly inspired by a man he considers an art mentor, named Terry Dodson.

Link to Terry Dodson's website:

Other great men that inspired him in the field of science fiction writing are Dan Abnett [author of "Legion", Warhammer Series] and Ben Counter [author of "Battle for the Abyss", Warhammer series], and Eric Nylun [author of "Halo, Ghosts of Onyx"]

More Cool Superhero styled Artwork:

Wonder Woman wallpaper by Terry Dodson [above]

Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel by Terry Dodson [above]

Super girl and Storm from the Xmen, artwork by the author of the DSNG Series [above]
More art will be posted in forthcoming updates, just stay tuned, and follow this Cool Blog!