Tuesday, November 1, 2011


A Sexy Sultry Redhead...

[Battle Chasers Issue #3 Cover, dating back to 1998, showing Red Monika - three pics by Joe Mad!]

Red Monika was conceived by artist/video game developer Joe Madureira [often refereed to as "MAD!"] back in the mid-90s. She has been described as a cross between Jessica Rabbit and Red Sonja. And in 1998, she showed up in the pages of a comic book called Battle Chasers, created by Joe Mad. Using Cheesecake art-styled themes, Joe purposely designed her with extremely large breasts, knowing that her voluptuous feminine curves would be a magnetic force, which would draw new fans to his work. And his ingenious ploy worked perfectly.

The artwork on the left was done by the gifted artist NEMAfronSPAIN over at deviantart.com.

Known as a voluptuous bounty hunter, Monika grew up with Garrison [the focal character in the Battle Chasers comic book] and it is said that she trained him in sword combat, before they parted ways. She opted to become a bounty hunter, yielding her services to the highest bidder. And Garrison opted to become an adventurer striving for the cause of good and justice.
Monika came across as the sort of girl who was always looking for the next big job/payoff and she was more than ready to stab you in the back when you weren't looking. 

And although she was technically a supporting character, Red Monika became far more popular than Garrison [who was tagged as a  legendary swordsman with a powerful magical sword]. And over 10 years after the comic book series [which was plagued with production delays and ran for just 9 issues], there are still tons of pics of Monika on the Web. It appears that aspiring artists can seem to stop paying tribute to her dangerous curves. 

There's a difference between a vicious femme fatal character and a soft "eye-candy" female character. Comic creators tend to consciously place their voluptuous females into those two categories. The femme fatals don't need saving, while the soft females usually require help / redemption from harm. Red Monika falls into the first group of sexy femme fatals. DSNG Characters like Kinera Foxx and Commander Yatalia fall into that category as well; while a bubbly spirited lady like Elena Eden was designed as a soft eye-candy character.

Two out of the three pics at the top of this article have the "DSNG Blog" logo, because I had to retouch therm in Photoshop to enhance their colors and image resolution - they were drawn back in the 90s. Here are some pics of Monika that I've selected from the Web:

The first one below was drawn Joe Mad, inked by Nick Schley and colored by Splash Colors over on deviantart.com. And the third pic was drawn & colored by me [DSNG].:


Next, the image on the left was drawn by Jonboy007007 and colored by Logicfun, also at DA. While the one in the middle was drawn by Carlos Gomez and colored by Pixelisedmind. Joe Mad did the last one on the right, back in the late-90s.


And this next image of Red Monika [the "sexy redhead celebrity wallpaper"] was done by the DSNG Artist... it's an older colored version :)

Featuring art by Joe Mad, Al Rio, Michael Angelo, Ron Adrian, Alex Miranda and Alex Lie!




Four new images have been added, including two sexy pencil pinup drawings of Red Monika by artist Ron Adrian, dating back to 2006. The colored comic page on the right is from Battle Chasers Issue #3, one of the very first appearances of the busty female heroine. The fourth image is a "lighter" version of Red Monika, by the DSNG Artist. And after tat, there are two posters by the prominent DC Comics artist, Ed Benes.
BTW, More Spider-man art by Joe Mad can be found in this article HERE.



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