Thursday, February 9, 2017


Those faithful fans who follow me on Instagram are aware that I was recently building a Revell toy model SUV, a Hummer H2, from a box of disassembled parts that had roughly 80 pieces in it, including the stickers.
It was a fun hobby build, but towards the end, it got hard... really hard; because after the main assembly, I had glued certain things together and I completely built & glued the carriage separately from the chassis... but some of those parts were to be assembled together, not separately, so that there would be no snap-together problems due to the tight fitting clearances.
Thus I had to break it apart and cut various edges with a small saw, and then glue it back together...

Alas, that's what happens when you're too cool to follow the instructions LOL.

Anyway, the pieces of the SUV truck came as plain white plastic, which looked quite dull. So first I painted it White as a base coat [with the paint and primer combined, purchased from Home Depot], and  then I painted it with Tamiya X-8 Lemon Yellow. I had to add 2 coats of Tamiya Lemon yellow, or what I call "classic X-men yellow", and then I kept adding more and more paint to even things out.
There are a few spots of paint on the windows of the vehicle, because I added the paint after the assembly of the glass panels, and I should have done it before that stage. Plus the entire interior cabin, the dashboard, the seats, center console and the rear trunk area had to be assembled, glued, snapped-in-place and painted, as shown in the pics below.



Nevertheless, I am proud of the outcome. This toy SUV doesn't roll fully, per the glue I added in one of the axles, but I don't care. It was created as a display piece, not a rough-edged play toy.  I almost wish that I had chosen to build something easier, as my premier model vehicle project. But on the other hand, per the tough obstacles that I encountered and conquered during the assembly, I'm pleased with the experience points that I gained.

I did add the Scorponok Transformer toy during the assembly phase [before I started encountering the tough problems]. And when the job was done, I added a 3.75-inch Steve Rogers Captain America toy [purchased for like $6 on ebay] just to give you an idea of the scale.
The Hummer H2's scale is 1:25, and it it roughly 7 inches long from end to end, and less that 5 inches tall. In a way, I feel that this yellow Hummer H2 would be good as a beefed-up adult version of Bumblebee, who is often shown as a teenage Chevy Mustang... but that's just my opinion ;)
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


There was a time that toys were akin to plastic bricks with arms and legs that didn't even move. And back in the 80s, the transformers toys had as much articulation as a standard Lego man.
But times have certainly changed. And a few years ago, the company from Hong Kong named ThreeA produced an Optimus Prime collectible item that has over 60 points of articulation.... granted some of those points are linked to gears and piston movements, but that's still more articulation that the human body.
Prime stands at roughly 19 inches tall, and that is more than 6 inches taller taller than the standard 12-inch ruler used in classrooms. And although it cannot transform, this guy still looks extremely imposing and dominant. His stoic eyes and the circular headlights mounted on his chest can light up, per small batteries installed within him. And this toy should come with his two classic energy blades, a bladed knuckle, and a large mega-striker cannon [as seen in the right pic below]. And his metallic fingers are articulated, so he can point forward or pick his nose if necessary.

The thing is, Prime's overall design hasn't changed too much in each of the Micheal Bay movies. And although he looks like a fearless Robo-Knight with a sword in the latest promo pictures for the fifth TF movie, his upcoming toy designs still don't look that different [per what Hasbro has revealed so far]. Hence this toy by ThreeA will be relevant for years to come, even though its design is based on the Transformers Dark of the Moon movie that is roughly 6 years old [since DOTM was released back in 2011].


Honestly, I can't even comfortable call this item a toy. Its more like a trophy that you buy and it sits in a lighted glass case in your bedroom; and it stares at you every morning, while you're wearing your fancy underpants.
And this collectors item is on sale for $430 at .... so.... yyyyyeeaaahhhhNo. I shall not be buying this item any time soon. Not unless Prime can get up and mow the freakin' lawn and cook me some damn waffles every morning :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


All right guys, in my opinion this was $19 well spent, doing something that entertained the hell out of me. As my hobby, I usually customize and repaint certain Transformers toys, rather than action figures. But recently I decided to grab a Black Cat toy from the Marvel Legends Infinite Series /  Edge of Spider-verse toyline that was launched back in 2014 from Marvel.
And she was already shapely per the toy mold; but I repainted her with a darker gloss black and I painted her gloves and boots with a brighter acrylic white - as shown on the left. But before repainting her, with some blue putty, I gave her a bigger butt. Because I can. LOL.

Anyway, here a are a few before and after pics. In my memory, Felicia Hardy aka the Black Cat was best portrayed back in the 90s Spiderman cartoon. As a rich heiress that was transformed by the same super-soldier serum that created Captain America, the Black Cat was a sexy femme fatale and she had a crush on Peter Parker. And Peter [Spiderman] always seemed to be a bit too timid & geeky to take full advantage of the opportunity with the hot blonde Felicia, maybe because he was still hooked on the sexy red-headed girl-next-door, Mary Jane Watson; or maybe it was his lingering emotional link to the late Gwen Stacey [who later became SpiderGwen in an alternate reality / timeline].
But in my toy timeline, Spidey is obsessed with Felicia.... and with dat ass :)
Anyway, enjoy the pics.




Some people can recall the old summer jam from 2002 titled "It's getting hot in here", by the rapper Nelly... figured it would fit as the song that Spidey and Black Cat were listening to, during the photoshoot.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Happy New Year to all the DSNG Fans!!!!!
Today I'll show a group of five Transformers [with two different Bumblebee molds], in a Mexican standoff. I've shown most of them before, except for Hardhead [the green guy] and Brainstorm [the blue jet-looking guy]. They've all been customized in one form or another. My custom metallic blue guy, Turbo Blitz, was a repaint and a heavy modification of the Fall Of Cybertron Sideswipe. And I posted that article over Here.

Brainstorm was fully recolored, while Hardhead had a host of silver accents added to his frame, along with the custom cannon mounted on his back. And I drilled a hole in the left side of his backpack, allowing him to hold an extra upright cannon that was borrowed & recolored from the TF Generations Roadbuster. The two handguns held by Hardhead were from a guy at

The red & black Striker Bumblebee [a repainted model] was from the Robots In Disguise toyline and the former article on him is over Here.
And the  yellow Beast Hunters Bumblebee was touched up with silver and black paint. His two heavy guns are from The "Dr. Wu" line of Optimus Prime blasters. I actually like this guy and he has a way of shinning amidst his peers; so he was used as a center piece for the Mexican standoff.
Per their size and layout, the last four pics can be used as custom Transformers toy wallpapers.

Now check out the cool gallery!







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