Monday, August 1, 2016


For those fans that missed the previous post on my Facebook page, DSNG Book 17: Ominous Part 2, has been launched at Amazon! Its over Here! And the cover of the new ebook features artwork of a new character, named Aiden Wolf. Despite his youthful appearance, Aiden is actually a General and he bears the title of the "God of Justice".


Aiden is not a regular superhero teen / a young adult warrior. He is actually a Paragon, specifically an elite Wind-walker. The Paragons are the ancient Sons of the Gods - or Demigods, with mighty powers and endless life spans. They do exist in the same Makuran Galaxy and they are part of the rich history of the DSNG Sci Fi Series.

The Paragons have existed for over 10 million years. And they perish not from old age, but from destructive blasts or decapitations by their potent peers. And the Centaurs, Fairies, Serpentors, Ravenors, Monkey Kings, Monkey Queens and other ancient beings fall into that category [and in general they are tagged as Paragons]. Those familiar with DSNG Book 16 will know more about that stuff...
Of course the DSNG saga still revolves around Prince Azzar Omenus, the main protagonist [who is an Alpha Senturi Super Soldier]. But there are still over 500 characters in the DSNG Universe, and they all have interactions that affect the Prince in one way or another.

Anyway, this new ebook cover is similar to the one created for Book 16 that features Commander Dezeth the Fairy warrior, per the layout and background colors. [The former blog article with concept art for DSNG Book 16 is over Here!]

I'm not going to waste your time by explaining what this action-packed mature sci fi series is all about, since you're a fan and I assume that you've read the old DSNG teaser ebook that was 99 Cents, over Here :)

And here is the long synopsis for DSNG Book 17... and yeah, it's long, since it is tied to a 1,000+ page novel!

Presently Prince Azzar and some of his allies are still vacationing on the neighboring techno-world in the Beta sector, planet Taran. And the Prince has finally commenced the MECH Sentinel Program. So he now finds himself locked into a series of meetings with the CEOs of the major robotics firms based on Taran, as he seeks to find the perfect manufacturer for the first generation of giant MECH defenders, which will serve the military force of his home planet Avera.

At the same time, the super-human Prince finds himself in a budding relationship with the lovely female Kataran named Dr. Karli. Their desires seem to be getting stronger, while the near-death experiences that he’d saved her from have only strengthened their bond.

Yet the Prince is fully oblivious to all the events that have been transpiring in the RX-Realm, the alternate reality zone where the Twelve Clans of the Ancient Paragon Beings—the early beings that predated the Era of Mankind—reside in a somewhat tumultuous state.

And in that mystical realm, the Paragons, who are ultra-sentient beings, still live by various ancient laws… such as laws that give them the right to keep what they kill, in terms of the property, position and authority of the Paragon warrior that they slay.

And at this time, five elite Ghoul Commanders from the Paragon Clan called the Larksen Slayers Legion have traveled from the RX-Realm to the Human Realm, as they seek out the new villain named Lord Blacnor. And the five Commanders, comprising of four Ghouls and one Fairy, have decided to split up in order to cover more grounds on their search.

Yet a group of Young Wolves, who are young Paragon warriors led by the military trainer named Abe Apollo, were dispatched to track down the five Ghoul Commanders. And so far they’ve been able to slay one of them, while the four other evil Commanders are still at large.

The threat of the four Commanders begins to amplify, when it is suspected that they’re in league with one of the most powerful evil Paragon warlords of the past, an Ice Necromancer named Argus Demacles. And Argus has been tied to the infamous Gray Hawk Legion, from the days of old.

Thus after he almost kills Rikah the Sea Mistress, Argus is again on the loose… and this forces Aiden Wolf, the young God of Justice and the current leader of the Silver Falcon Legion, to arise and confront the singular threat from Argus. Yet Aiden and his assembled strike team—comprised of fellow Paragons—soon have to seek out some urgent council from an ancient upright Ghoul patriarch, an Arch Mage named Father Benvamos, who resides in a fortified castle within the RX-Realm, a mystified alternate realm in which no mortal has ever set foot before.

But while Aiden and his strike team get set to meet with Father Benvamos in order to get a guiding oracle from him, they have no idea that they’re being hunted down by another team of Paragon mercs that are being led by a separate oracle, one that strangely predicts that Aiden will be the source of a huge act of genocide in the near future…

Additionally, Azzar’s Scalatan half-brother Tek-Hon, aka the vicious Killer of Killers, is sidetracked from his quest for the legendary Makura Stone, so that he can hunt down a certain dangerous Gorilla operative, someone tied to the very band of rebels that he is affiliated with.
Simultaneously, one of Tek's old allies, the female assassin named Agatha the Slayer, finds herself tracking down a group of mobsters that are known as the Brotherhood of Kanu; since they've abducted a young girl that she desperately needs to find on behalf of her sponsors.

Eventually, as the evil Ghoul Commanders from the RX-Realm continue their rampage in the Human Realm, two separate worlds slowly begin to collide… and the hand of fate seems to be steering Prince Azzar towards one last bloody battle, one that he will not have the power to emerge victoriously from…

[Part 17 of 17 e-books. Rated M for Mature; Over 1000 pages!]


All right, be sure to download the new ebook over Here!!
You can get it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or kindle, as long as you download the free Kindle App to any of those devices first!!


You can keep reading the archived "Exploring DSNG" article series, which show more concept art from past eBooks via these links:
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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


All right, this one took a while... I posted teasers of this pic in Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram a few days ago. Finally splashed some colors on it, and there ere three versions below. There is also a new Power Girl poster that I drew, which has  been floating about on the Web [its in the inking phase]. I dunno when I'll have time to complete that drawing... maybe next week, we'll see. Anyway, enjoy the poster of Black Panther [played by Chadwick Boseman in the Marvel cinematic universe].

Monday, April 18, 2016


For those fans that have been away from Facebook, DSNG Book 16 has been launched at Amazon! And the cover features artwork of a new character, named Commander Dezeth; she is a Fairy warrior and an ancient Embearn beings. And the Emberans are divided into two groups per their genders; the Fairies [females] and the Ghouls [males].

And the Emberans are actually the aides / servants of the ancient Paragons, or the Sons of the Gods, in the DSNG universe. Anyway, this new eBook features Action, Adventure, Drama Comedy and Romance. Plus some fantasy elements start to prominently emerge. And like the other books in the Sci Fi series, it is Rated M, for Mature Audiences. It's about 590 pages, and it is Part 1 of a 2-Part story; and the next story should be ready before the end of May 2016... Hopefully... :)


Sometimes I create more than one cover option for a book. And two faithful fans helped me pick out the best cover art for Book 16. But I decided to show some of that stuff to everyone else, just so that you get to see a glance at what alternative designs / concept art sketches that I often come up with.  By the way, in the picture set above, the third image features a backshot of the sexy female Dinatour named Ellystra [aka Elly] who is one of the other female aliens from my Sci Fi series. More of Elly can be seen over HERE.

And Here's the Overview of DSNG Book 16:

The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the sixteenth installment of the DSNG series!

At this time, the main protagonist Prince Azzar and some of his allies are still vacationing on the neighboring techno-world in the Beta sector, planet Taran. And following the foiled kidnapping and rescue of Dr. Karli, the regal warrior is finally given an opportunity to spend some quality time with her. Therefore, together they head out to an upscale nightclub venue, where they can relax and enjoy themselves in a festive atmosphere. Yet Azzar has no idea that some disguised members of the Gorilla rebel militia, who still want to slay him, are lurking around that same venue…

Additionally, Prince Azzar is fully oblivious to the ominous events that have been unfolding in the RX-Realm, the alternate reality zone where the Twelve Clans of the Ancient Sons of the Three Gods—also known as the early Paragon Beings that predated the Era of Mankind—reside in a somewhat tumultuous state, where they still live by various ancient laws.
One of those laws strictly forbids soul-fusions between Paragons and Mortals.
And another law dictates that you can keep what you kill; therefore to the winners of the territorial battles belong all the spoils of those that they’ve conquered…

Nevertheless, in recent times, the new super villain named Lord Blacnor had been going on a rampage throughout the ultramodern cities of Taran. And Blacnor had been created by a secret soul-fusion between a tiger animan named Basil and an ancient Ghoul being named Norg. And like their female counterparts that were known as Fairies, the Ghouls were ancient Emberan beings that were the servants of the Paragons of old.

With time, it became evident that Blacnor was almost unstoppable by his upright mortal opponents. And this was because he was no ordinary foe. And Blacnor was tagged as a triple-threat, since he possessed physical might, super-powers and psychic powers.

But per the desperate intervention of the aquatic matriarch named Lady Neena Nekasha, Lord Blacnor was stripped of some of his psychic powers, while his levitation, his morphing abilities and his super-strength remained.

And once that act was done, Neena’s life was placed in great danger due to the fact that 1,000 vengeful Ghouls, the allies of Norg, jointly arose to punish her for her actions. Yet Neena was saved by the group of ancient Paragons that were tagged as the Omega Storm Riders. Acting as an intrepid team of marines, the veteran Storm Riders were led by an ancient Paragon warrior named Rikah the Sea Mistress. And their intervention was nothing short of phenomenal, because it had been 1,000 Ghouls against just 5 Storm Riders.

Yet Rikah and her allies seem to have no time to celebrate their grand victory, since they now have to head to a court hearing and stand trial before the Ancient Justice Council, in order to give an account for their brutal actions. But one of the elected Councilors was a devious Warlord from the days of old, named Commander Argus. He was a sly trickster and he definitely did not believe in true justice...

And while those pedantic formal hearings are unfolding, the ominous storm clouds of destruction continue to gather; since the brethren of Norg and the 1,000 slain Ghouls—who all hailed from a Paragon Clan called the Larksen Slayers Legion—begin to plot their vengeance. And now 5 elite Ghoul Commanders are dispatched to viciously execute that objective.

And these acts of vengeance from the enraged Ghouls are destined to bulldoze their way from the RX-Realm into the real realm, and right into the life of the regal warrior, Prince Azzar, even while he strives to finally initiate his MECH Sentinel Manufacturing Program on behalf of his home planet Avera…

[This is Part 16 of 16 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 590 pages ]

And you can check it out and download the new ebook over HERE!


You can keep reading the archived "Exploring DSNG" article series, which show more concept art from past eBooks via these links:
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I revamped an old swimsuit pin up piece that I did featuring Shaak Ti from Star Wars and I'm posting it today. Currently I don't know if she survived Order 66, to be featured in the new movies. And I'm not sure if Ashoka Tano survived either [even though Ashoka is shown in the Star Wars Rebels cartoon].
Frankly I think Disney and the new directors of the franchise changed waaaay too much stuff, as they transitioned into a Post-George-Lucas Era. It was like they disrespected all the fans that bought all the books / comics / merchandise [bringing billions of dollars in profit], which featuring the original characters shown over the years.... and now a major chunk of all the old Star Wars lore has been discarded. Anyway, that's another discussion for another day. Just enjoy the fan art and share it! 


Monday, February 15, 2016


So this is my first blog post of the year?.... Why yes it is, buddy! But I've been Facebookin, Instagramin, Tweetin, Tumblin, twistin etc on other social media sites, so you should have seen my art / brief posts somewhere else. I've got a Valentine's day artwork to share, plus a few others. And this pic features Superman X Wonder Woman. Go ahead and "ship them out to space" if you want :D
Clearly she's backing it up... or maybe she is twerking... either way, Clark's enjoying dat ass.

Anyway,  I heard that DC Comics plans to do a complete relaunch of all their main comic titles again this year, perhaps due to the new Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice movie. So its no longer the New52, its going to be the NewER 52.... Come on now, WTF? So they just keep hitting the reset button for the sake of boosting sales when their titles get too boring & stagnant? Honestly all the books they put out can be roughly categorized like this:

Excellent [Great art & great story] = 85- 100% Overall Quality A
Good [Good art & good story]     =  65 - 80% Overall Quality B
Mediocre [OK art & OK story]    = 40 - 65%  Overall Quality C
Bad [bad art & bad story]             = 0 - 40%   Overall Quality F

Its a scale that you can use for any good comic book from any company. The thing is, the publishers at DC Comics [and Marvel] are so engrossed in having huge circulation numbers [so that they can attract more advertisers to post Ads in their comic pages], that they really don't care about ensuring that the quality is always high on every single book. Its the Quantity over Quality issue. And when you can tell an advertiser selling Skittles, DVDs, Shoes or Candy, that your circulation is 20 million comics around America each month, then you can see that the advertisers will be willing to pay the publisher to have their stuff shown and printed inside the comic. 

Many years ago, I checked and found out that Marvel was charging roughly $52,000 per year, to companies that want to advertise inside their books [that info was inside a media package I saw, while I was working on starting a clothing line, over a decade ago. And I was thinking of advertising inside the Marvel comic books. But inside those comics, premium spots actually cost you more, like the spot on the inside of the front cover].
Point is, the big comic publishers love to put out lots of content, whether its "Excellent" or even "Bad".
Yet fans are not stupid... and one day the big wigs at DC Comics will try to relaunch their entire comic book line up.... and the overall mediocre sales numbers will stay the same, when the fans show that they really don't give a damn about buying NewER poor quality stuff, regardless of how many reboots take place.    

Oh its true, its damn true! :)

Anyway, here's some more art done over the Christmas 2015 break, which you may have seen at Facebook or Tumblr [but it was never uploaded to my blog]. First we have one of my popular characters, Elena, and Batman; clearly he want to hit that...
Plus we also have Elly [Ellystra], who is another character from my DSNG Sci Fi Series. Elly is a sexy female Dinatour and there are more pics of her in this blog [you just have to search for her name at the top of the page, or just google "Elly DSNG"].

Monday, October 26, 2015


Greetings DSNG fans! Here are some doodles [actually they are concept art sketches] for the DSNG Sci Fi Series, showing various humans / alien beings, hybrids, Fairies.... and even Paragons.
Those familiar with the ebooks know that the Paragons are potent higher beings in the DSNG Makuran Galaxy. The inked art gets scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop, where it is colored.  I've added some variety to the designs; hence some characters are thick / voluptuous, while some are slender and others are chubby... Stay tuned, more to come later...



Those fans new to the DSNG Sci fi Series can read this archived blog article with more pics over HERE!

Friday, September 11, 2015


Been busy as hell, but I've got a new update today with several pics!
The CW just released this onset pic recently, as they've started filming the new TV series titled Legends of Tomorrow [which will be a spin-off from the Flash and Arrow TV series baaed on DC Comics characters].
This spin-off will feature a team of time-traveling heroes & villains, who are called The Legends of Tomorrow; and the team members will be The Atom, White Canary,  Rip Hunter [the guy from the future who guides the team], Jay Jackson, Heat Wave and Captain Cold. But the other two members of the team are HawkMan  and HawkWoman.... I mean Hawkgirl.
Word is, for the forthcoming 2016 TV series, both of the "Hawk" comic characters get their powers from some ancient Egyptian magic tied to reincarnations from Horus, an Egyptian god.... but I dunno exactly how they hide and sprout their wings on-call; but hey, its super-hero TV, so anything is possible. You can compare the pic from the TV series to the classic comic images below.

When I first saw the picture from the set, I said to myself: "This looks like some cosplay fans at San Diego Comic Con, putting their own spin on the classics."
The "bad-ass brown-leather look" is certainly different from the cartoony "green, yellow and red" hues that these characters have been known to sport in the comics and cartoons.

In the Justice League cartoons [2001 - 2004], Hawkgirl [aka Ms. Shiera] is an alien from the planet Thanagar, and she is tied to an army of winged alien warriors... so clearly, the new TV series is taking the liberty of introducing its own history for the characters. 
Plus in the year 2011, within the DC Comics alternate Earth 2, I believe Hawkgirl is either black or hispanic, which is fine with me... and that Hawkgirl uses guns, instead of a club / spiky baseball bat.

And BTW, there is another DC Comics character dating back to their Silver Age [1950s], who is called HawkWoman, [aka Ms. Shayera]... no, no, she is totally different from Hawkgirl, and she is married to Hawkman.... and they have some bald winged hawk babies, right?
LOL - Clearly things often get really complicated in the jumbled timelines of DC Comics.
So will the forthcoming time-traveling TV series Legend of Tomorrow be any good when it debuts early next year? I dunno, we'll just have to wait and see...

Monday, June 22, 2015


Just in case you missed the memo from a few weeks ago, DSNG Book 15: Relentless has been launched at, as a new sci fi ebook! This story was almost cut into two parts [since it was roughly 820 pages long], but I decided not to do that, since the tale flows better when you read it as a single ebook.
The sexy female alien warrior shown on the cover of Book 15 is named Calenza Baxtion; she is an aquatic being, a Newteron, from planet Macur. You'll have to read the book to find out if she's a good guy or a bad guy...


Plus I did a promo over on Twitter called #WhoIsOctaviaMagnus? And it was also tied to Book 15.
Some fans think that Octavia is shown on the cover of the new book, but clearly that is not the case [even though Octavia and Calenza are both female aliens with light-blue skin tones]. Yet Calenza is a Newteron with a tail, while Octavia is a Nauticon; and there's a big difference between them, in terms of their powers and their personalities...

Based in an alternate galaxy, the DSNG Chronicles are centered around the main protagonist Prince Azzar [an alpha Senturi super-soldier] and his associates, who hail from planet Avera. And those that are joining this Mature Sci Fi Saga for the first time can still catch up on the story, as you read the latest tale!
Check out and download the new sci fi ebook over Here! -->

You can keep reading the archived "Exploring DSNG" article series, which show more concept art from past books via these links here:
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Exploring DSNG Part 22

Sunday, May 3, 2015


At last, I’ve joined Patreon, where I’ll be producing uncensored art and adult comics.... hope you can join me!-->

That weblink will take you to the home page of my Patreon, where I've posted a long intro with pics and details about what I'm doing. It's like Kickstarter, but it just has lower pledge levels [ $1, $2, $4 , $5, $10 etc] and it is a monthly thing, as opposed to a one-time thing.
There is a limit to what I can post here in this blog, so that the guys that run Blogger won't clamp down on my blog and put all sorts of restrictions on it, for the presence of adult cartoons and uncensored art. But at Patreon, only members get to see what I'm drawing. And I'm given the liberty to draw whatever the hell I want, including buck-nakid pics :)

Via that site, I'm trying to get funding to produce one of two comics.... The DSNG Chronicles [based on my ebooks], or The Krazy Cops [based on old characters from my SFA and Bitch Please Webcomic series]

Those fans that are familiar with my sci fi ebooks already know what DSNG Chronicles is all about. And as for The Krazy Cops, here is a small promo banner / comic wallpaper that I made for the proposed comic series. It features old characters that I've made before. From left to right, the cast is: Fanny, Bazella, May, Frank and Superman [his name will probably be changed to "Zuperman" or something else, since he will be a funny parody character]. This is supposed to be an adult comedy police comic, with action, adventure... and pr0n scenes...

The pic on the left shows May, from my classic SFA Webcomic / comic strip series. She is one of the good guys in the Krazy Cops comic book. She's not a super-hero; she just loves cosplaying and playful sh*t like that. Not sure if her popular costar Meme from SFA will show up in the police comic... but we'll see how it goes.

There will be many more characters showing up than the ones you see in that Krazy Cops poster above. It's just that these are some of the familiar ones that my old fans from the websites DA and FA might remember.

Anyway, I hope you support and join Patreon, where I'll be posting more character pics and I'll be coloring the concept images. ... So Click on the weblink and you'll see what its all about! -->

Monday, April 20, 2015


Hey guys, Happy Monday! It's been a while since I updated this blog. Bust rest assured, all is well. Been super-busy, but I guess that is expected. I may be joining soon, since it permits you to upload uncensored art, and only those fans who pay like 1, 2, 5 or 10 dollars per month will get to see the sexy art. The more you pay, the more content is available to you... I dunno if that is the best route to take, but we'll see. Right now, I'm focused on completing DSNG Book 15. And today I send a special shout-out to the loyal DSNG fans [like Tremel, Jackie and Sawyer!] who support my ebooks. Thanks a mil guys!

All right, today's post is brief, and I'm sharing some pinups of cartoon milfs; and if you don't know what milf means, then look it up ;) OK, I drew all of them, except the fourth anime pic; those who know my art-style can pretty much tell.


From left to right: Mrs Incredible, Wilma Flintstone, May from SFA, Yuki Kaze from the anime Dog Days, and lasty, Fry and Leela from Futurama

Those of you on had a freakin' blast this morning, if you're following DSNG:

I use that Website for uploading my old art stuff & photo-manipulations, archives from 2008 and up till the present. But my true fans get to see the best pics from there, so it's all good ;)

If you have been buying the DSNG ebooks, then please join facebook and say so! [Over Here], since I talk to my fans privately and we have a blast! Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


It's been a while since I posted anything in this blog. But rest assured, all is well; just been super-busy with work and with life.

And I've been getting a lot of inspiration from the things that I see - that's the concept I was targeting with the post header "when art meets life". Thus one can draw inspiration from unexpected sources, which affects what you draw and what you write. For instance, the characters in my sci fi book actually "go to the gym" and have interactions there...

Plus I've been hearing about a site called, where people can donate like $1, $2 or $5 per month to an artist, while the artist presents private art for them to behold exclusively. So the stuff can be art with flowers and ponies, or even stuff that's rated R; it's all private and exclusive. Will I join them? I dunno if you guys actually want to see the DSNG sexy female characters, buck-nakid, as well as Superman "getting it on" with Wonder Woman - stuff like that. :)

Stop drooling and Head over to Facebook and share your thoughts on that--> HERE

Anyway, I recently posted a pic of Velma from Scooby Doo in the DSNG Facebook Page; I actually post stuff there a lot more than I do on this blog. Also, here is another cosplay pic of Velma, by Philosophy Fetish. Plus, up there is a pic of a young lady, an urban model who looks a whole lot like the classic video vixen Melissa Ford. She's got that underboob thing going on... goddamn eye candy, for the fanboys that read this blog.... ;)

And to my loyal fans... all I can say is THANK YOU for your faithful support. It's you guys that keep me going on this endless Sci Fi Adventure!
And FYI, DSNG Book 15 is being developed, so stay tuned!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015


I found this real-life Hulkbuster armor replica on the Web via; it was probably showcased at a comic convention earlier this year. Plus I even heard a rumor that Marvel Studios was selling a life-sized version of the fancy armor that will be used by Ironman in the forthcoming Avengers 2: Age of Ultron movie. Not sure why anyone would want to spend over 20-grand in buying this bulky thing, just so that it can sit in your living room / mancave / batcave, or wherever else you'd set it up.

The thing is, while it looks cool, and it will probably give your geeky friends a freakin' nerdgasm, it would probably be wiser to buy a scaled-down toy and not this actual suit, because this suit Doesn't work! :D

Monday, February 23, 2015


I was going through one of my archived folders and I found this classic Marvel artwork of Wolverine vs. Omega Red by Jim Lee. This poster is over 15 years old. Yet it still looks amazing.... the perspective in this master shot is definitely on point. And the fluid presentation of the recoiled strikes helps the viewer to clearly imagine what's about to happen next, in this close-ranged "Adamantium war" .

I've never generated an Influence Map that showed the artists who have had great impacts on me and my art style. But If I ever do so, you can expect to see the likes of Terry Dodson, Joe Mad, Marc Silvestri and Jim Lee on that collage.

Jim Lee is just one of those artists that probably doesn't realize just how good he really is. I once saw in an interview that Jim Lee confessed, from way back in his high school days, that he was voted by his classmates to be "likely to start a comic company". Guess those prophetic words by his peers came to pass, since he became the founder of Wildstorm Comics and he's currently one of the top dogs at DC Comics.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Here's another selfie poster of Chebeyah, one of the dominant female characters in the DSNG Sci Fi Series! You can see that the final colored versions differed slightly from the original pencil sketch. And a few faithful fans helped me pick out the one that was best for use as the blog article's flagship image :)
Chebeyah has been around since DSNG Book 1, which was released waaay back in 2010 or so.
You can't really describe Chebeyah as "sexy and seductive"... she's more like "sexy and serious", and the loyal fans know what I mean!
Chebeyah is a female Kataran, one of the many alien races in DSNG. And there are many more pics of Chebeyah archived in this blog, just search for her name in the top left corner box!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Today I return to one of the favorite article series in this blog, featuring costume designs and concept armor! Most fans of this blog are used to seeing Sci Fi designs here, but I often include Fantasy armor designs as well. There is a difference between Sci Fi and Fantasy, even though those two genres are closely related [and a few years ago  I wrote a blog article that explains the difference over HERE].
Anyway, the bulk of the concept art presented in this article are from various sources, such as and
BTW, is a Korean site, so I wasn't able to find the names of all the artists behind the works. But if you know the artists' name, just let me know on the DSNG facebook page.








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