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More on Cheesecake art...

The main blog article, which discusses the history of Cheesecake art / pinup art dating back to the 19th century, was posted over Here. Several classic actresses and sexy icons were listed in that blog post. Today, I'm continuing down that vein, utilizing a contemporary model for the analysis: Nicole Austin.

Most people know her as Coco, the wife of rapper IceT. Per her resume of accomplishments, she is an actress, dancer and a glamor model. According to her bio, Coco Austin stands at 5 feet 2 inches tall and her dress measurements are 39DD-23-40. She did get a boob job, per her own confession. But her hips have always been naturally curvy. Some fans think that she is partly Brazilian per her sensual shape; but that is in correct. Coco was born in California, although she's of Yugoslavian descent. And her true hair color is actually brunette, not blonde.

In her home, she has a walk-in closet, which has a stacked section full of stiletto-heeled pumps and sandals [probably intended to boost her height].

Some fans claim that Nicole "Coco Marie" Austin is a pure "Whooty" - a white girl with a big booty, or a classic PAWG. That's a rather accurate description of her alluring phenotype. In my opinion, she's actually a perfect fit for utilizing as a model when drafting Cheesecake-styled artwork, per her hourglass figure. When a female is short in terms of stature, and she has ample curves, then her figure commonly looks rather pronounced - and that voluptuous shape is a good blueprint for pinup and glamor art.

Of course the style of the artist in question always comes into play when such pieces are commissioned. But you can always expect a finished work that will be appealing to the eyes, and rather lascivious to the mind.




...Told you she was short... That's Coco with Katt Williams [aka "it's pimpin pimpin" / "a pimp named Slickback"] and Lamar Odom, of the LA Lakers.

One of the most popular female characters from the DSNG sci fi series is Elena Eden [the first blog article featuring her is over Here]. And Elena is rather like Coco, in terms of her physique. Having golden skin like most of the beings from planet Avera, she stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall, and her alluring dress measurements are 40F-26-44. Yeah, she was given a small waist on purpose.


BTW, curves don't make a woman... they just make men stare at a woman. Anyone without a respectable character isn't worth your time, or mine - just some food for thought, while you drool over the Cheesecake art...

Having a bubbly ecstatic personality, Elena was partially designed as eye-candy; the sort of chick that makes guys [and some girls] select a specific comic book out of a multi-level shelf hosting hundreds of them. You can see the inspiration for Elena's pose and her "snake skin patterned cocktail dress" from among the pics of Coco shown above.

Elena has golden skin, like most of the beings from planet Avera. And she has gray hair, because she's not a teenager, or a lady in her mid-30s. Averans don't age like humans - their life expectancy is about 300 years. Thus an Averan man can be 100 years old, and he'd still be in his prime.

So how old is Elena? .... I dunno, she won't tell...


[Above: pic of Elena with a transformable hoverbike made by Korozima Inc, one of the popular corporations in the DSNG series]

** NEW UPDATES BEGIN HERE! [06/16/2011]: **

Here are some new pics of Elena Eden and also pinups / posters of Coco [Nicole Austin]. Some of the Coco pics are tied to her magazine covers & Web site.




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