Friday, December 22, 2017


Another new custom for 2017! Presenting my hybrid version of Harley Quinn!
I have just between 5 – 7 favorite DC Comics characters and Harley is one of them. This one took a few months, since I finished her and then still had a feeling that something was missing. Eventually I pulled her out a few days ago and added the silver pocket chain and an extra gun.

The mixed base model for this Harley Quinn custom was obtained from: Marvel Legends Spider-Woman [Thanos Wave] for the torso and legs, while the top/bust was Marvel Legends Thundra. Plus one arm came from Thundra and the other arm came from Lady Thor. The head came from Black Cat. And I had to sculpt the “dangling jingles” and the balls for her head, from green stuff putty.

Her boots, her chest, and other features of her costume were fully sculpted. I made her voluptuous; my custom, my choice... And then I used Tamiya paints for coloring her. Gloss Red was used to highlight certain features on her body.

 Her clown hammer is very heavy. It was created from a slim base sledge hammer that comes from one of the WWE HHH toys. And I sculpted the enhanced center piece, along with the heavy round mallets fixed on either end [from soda bottle lids] and I added all of the blingy gems, and colored the gems gloss red. She can hold it, but it weighs her hand down.

For her weapons, my Harley Quinn has three guns and one dagger [down at her right boot], plus the heavy hammer. And there is a custom holster placed upon her back, created from cardboard, for storing one of the guns.

Lastly, I added a few pics of the DC Icons Harley Quinn, for size and design comparisons. Stay tuned for more...





Friday, December 15, 2017


Another new one for 2017! Today we have my version of Lady Jaye from G.I.Joe!

Lady Jaye [Alison Hart-Burnett] is a busty brunette from the comics and the cartoons and her character in the G.I.Joe Retaliation movie was portrayed by Adrianne Palicki. Her original costume is all green, but I chose to utilize green and black, since it looks more badass.

For this custom, the base model was a fusion of Marvel Legends Thundra [upper body] and Captain Marvel Carol Danvers [lower body]. I had to sculpt her entire costume, her pouches, her sleeves and her boots. The frontal segment of her belt buckle came from Casting Cave, while some guns came from that Website as well.

The repainted head of Lady Jaye was Carol Danvers, with brand new sculpted hair made from green stuff putty. Her leftward gun holster was fully sculpted, using putty and cardboard. Her hat was custom made as well…. I made it a lil’ bit bigger than needed, so any of the guys can wear it too ;) Finally, Tamiya paints were used to hand-paint her.

Her weapons were customized and I cut a small white cloth to make her scarf [after I repainted it black]. Plus I added a gimmick with her sniper rifle... so the weapon's long barrel can be disconnected and held in her hand, or it can be attached to her right hip via a holster and a small 5mm magnet. And per the magnets, the machete / sword held upon her back can also be attached to her right hip as well.

In total for her borne arsenal, Lady Jaye has 4 various guns and 1 sword. The gallery in my DSNG blog includes over 30 pics of her and Scarlett, together [And Scarlett was one of my former G.I. Joe customs]. Stay tuned for more!



More pics:






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