Monday, December 19, 2011


More Samples of Inspiring Sci Fi Character Designs.

This article continues a previous blog post that I made about 2 months ago, showcasing concept armor for a variety of sci fi genres. Today we continue along that same enlightening course, as we focus upon MECHs / MECHA designs.

MECHA is an abbreviation for "Mechanical", and most of the Western World got a heavy dose of that design category due to the Transformers Movie Trilogy directed by Michael Bay. And the past article that focused on the Transformers Movie Concept Art showed the extreme amount of details that went into the robotic designs. The Gundams Anime Franchise is also directly linked to MECHA designs, and the giant robots in that cartoon series are often capable of transforming into jet modes or alternate combat modes. BTW, the image on the left above is by JPRart, while the one on the right is by Mandrykart.

In the DSNG Sci Fi Series, one of the most popular villains is Kinera Foxx, the Golden Assassin. Kinera has an extremely feisty character and a sharp mouth. She utilizes a variety of armors and costumes in the ebooks. And she is a character designed with streamlined MECHA themes.

Although Kinera is not a sentient transformer robot - she is an attractive affluent woman and her alternate identity was shown in this past DSNG Blog Article - she is still affiliated with mechanical design concepts due to the armaments and arsenal that she utilizes as her golden body armor. And her nanotech engineered armor gives her enhanced speed, agility and strength. The first article on Kinera that includes a host of other pictures was posted HERE.

We can dive deeper into the MECHA designs as we observe a host of digital works done by an artist that I respect. His Web-name is Mandrykart and his exceptional work is in an elite category all by itself.

A lot of his designs can be viewed as futuristic sci fi combat armor, battle armor, and exo-suits. And some of these designs are even worthy of considering as advanced cosplay costumes.


Next, These MECHA posters / Wallpapers are tagged as design palettes, in which you have one character's costume presented in different colors, along with often varying armaments.


A lot of these sci fi mecha / armor costumes seemed designed for combat amidst harsh environments; and those familiar with video game franchises like Star Craft or even Gears of War will be familiar with armor designs that are rather bulky in terms of the alloyed chest plates, shin guards, gauntlets, shoulder pads  and other accessories that cover the body of the soldier. And those themes are done probably to emphasize the amount of protection that is needed for the delicate human frame, a frame that can easily be harmed by direct fire or the rippling violent shock-waves that result from concussive blasts.

The other two mecha armor designs below were done by an artist over at DA named Alessandro Baldasseroni. I believe the video game he created the sleek exo-suit for was "Section-8". And this armor could even pass for a cool cyborg concept design. Visit his Website and you'll see his amazing demo reel.


**UPDATE - November 1st 2012:

I've found some more Sci Fi soldier concept armor  designs, ted to the MMORPG game titled Tribes: Ascend. Check it out!



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