Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Movie News and Forecasts by the DSNG Artist, along with Comic Con Cosplay pics.
Ah yes, the fantastic fanfare celebration known as Comic Con is scheduled to take place this week in San Diego, CA; and it will be the literal manifestation of geek-heaven. It is slated to host the best of comics, games and movies, along with a ton of celebrities linked to popular sci fi franchises dating back to even the 70s and 80s.

Comic Con is also the premier spot that fan boys gather in the thousands to behold and photograph hot chicks in scantily-clad tight superhero cosplay costumes... yes, its true. I'm quite certain that most of the male fans who read this sci fi blog come here just for the pics of hot busty chicks like Power Girl  [shown on the left] most of the time :) Shame on you.... LOL.

Anyway, various news-bytes are already starting to emerge about the Comic Con show, including a few features from Marvel and DC Comics....

Along with the presence of Robert Downey Jr and other actors, Iron Man 3 is expected to have some features at the show, along with Captain America 2 - I believe both movies are slated for release next year. The article showing sample pics of Ironman's new villains was posted previously over HERE.



Cosplayer Alodia is shown as the Cobra Baroness, Yaya Han is a character from Tekken Tag 2 / The Final Fantasy world, Crystal Graziano is the sci fi engineer from the Firefall MMORPG, a Russian busty school teacher is next and Power Girl is the last poster shown above.

More Sexy Pawg Cosplay featuring Ivy Doom Kitty [sexy Star Trek] and other young ladies at the San Diego 2012 / 2013 Comic Con are shown below:



[You may need to click on the word link that says "Read More" to the see the rest of this lengthy article!]

This year at Comic Con, Warner Bros Pictures & DC Comics The Dark Knight Rises [starring Christian Bale as Batman, Anne Hathaway and Catwoman and Tom Hardy as Bane] will probably have a huge presentation along with some exclusive clips for the fans - and that movie is slated to hit theaters on July 20th 2012. Posters from that movie were archived over HERE. And the new Superman movie slated for 2013, titled The Man of Steel, may also have a panel of actors at the show.

DC Comics and WB have been virtually locked in a  jealous crazed conundrum ever since Marvel's The Avengers surpassed the 1.5-billion-dollar benchmark earlier this year. And the rumors are already swirling that a Justice League Movie is gaining steam, along with  feature films for Wonder Woman, The Flash and possibly a Green Lantern series reboot [yes, a reboot, even though just one sloppy B-grade movie has been created for that franchise at this point]. It's unfortunate that the WB are led by a group of people that can be loosely considered as part of the old guard - I say that because those execs are really NOT paying attention to some current trends. The Amazing Spider-man 2012 movie reboot has already made over 300 million dollars world wide, yet it was targeted at a much younger demographic per its teen and tween appeal linked to the young actors Andrew Garfield [Spiderman] and Emma Stone [Gwen Stacy]. And to the disappointment of many DC Comics fans, Christopher Nolan [the director of the The Dark Knight Rises] has stated earlier this week that he has NO PLANS TO BE PART OF AS JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE  - and that article is referenced over HERE

In my opinion, the WB Studios should have looked at the success of the New Spidey and also at the Twilight Saga that they promoted... then they should have targeted the DC Comics cartoon & comic property known as the Teen Titans [or even the Young Justice League]; and then they should have used that as their next superhero team movie, which would be easily independent of "the Dark Knight Rises" and "the Man of Steel". But hey, I'm just thinking aloud. This is my blog and hence its bound to have my incisive thoughts, presented without ambivalence on the topic at hand.

[Wallpapers of the Classic Justice League of America, the New 52 team, and Young Justice are shown above]

On the other hand, the sci fi movie reboot of Total Recall [starring Colin Farrell and slated for release on August 3rd 2012] may make another huge presentation at the Comic Con show - they also had a lot of teaser props at the show last year - and the latest updates with behind-the-scenes clips of that movie are over HERE.

Other movies that will be represented at the show include The Expendables II, The Hobbit, Judge Dredd and Pacific Rim.

The one movie that fans probably don't want to see advertised or promoted at Comic Con is.......... G.I.JOE RETALIATION. After the shocking move by Paramount Studios and Hasbro Inc. to shift G.I.JOE 2 till next year [March 29, 2013] and have it replaced by Seth MacFarlane's comedic movie Ted in theaters this year, fanboys and girls alike have been  upset about the long drawn-out wait for the sci fi action movie that stars The Rock [Dwayne Johnson] and Channing Tatum [aka Magic Mike]. Honestly, I'm still mad as hell about that shift... and somehow I suspect that next year fans are really not going to support that movie.
Anyway, I'll try and keep you posted on the major announcements that unfold at the San Diego Comic Con, since the G4 Cable Channel will have live coverage from within the San Diego Convention Center this year.

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