Monday, April 30, 2012


Arguably The Best Jason Statham Movie Ever Made.

The tag line says it all. Over the weekend, I walked into the theater at Atlantic Station here in Atlanta, with my head hung low; I readily assumed that I was poised to waste my goddamn money on another action movie that was void of a solid plot or any respectable acting. And I was completely wrong.

I've followed Jason's career over the years, watching the big-budget and even the small-budget European movies he's made. And this new 2012 movie, Safe, is the BEST one he's EVER starred in. My applause of this flick relates not just to the acting by the British actor Jason Statham [which has improved dramatically from his rigid breakthrough Transporter days], but the script executed by the foreign writer & director, Boaz Yakin, actually played off nicely upon the strengths of the cast. I the Safe movie, you actually believe that the Chinese mafia were badasses and that the Russian mob were definitely heavy-fisted. But the story with two opposing street factions appears to have crooked cops and a duplicitous police chief interwoven perfectly into it.

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Jason Statham [who plays Luke] gets caught up in the middle of an explosive maelstrom and no one really knows why he's a downtrodden MMA fighter with a string of bad luck at the very beginning... until halfway in the movie when his true history starts to unravel.... and the things he is naturally capable of doing as a martial artist & gunman now make sense; and his displayed skills help to back up his gritty resume by 100%. Check out these 3 screenshots from the movie, showing Jason Statham and the young girl, his costar Catherine Chan.
Look at that picture of Jason Statham on the left.... Now you have to be either crazy or one hell of a badass to walk with your crew into a pending Wild-Western-Shootout in the middle of NYC without a freaking BULLETPROOF VEST.... LOL

There is a little girl called Mei [pronounced May, and played by Catherine Chan] in the movie and as the movie preview clips illustrate, she is a child genius, roughly 11 - 12 years old. And both the Russian mob and Chinese mafia are after her. As the move progresses, she literally saves the life of the hero, who is down on his luck... and he returns the favor. Soon everyone wants Mei, either alive or dead. And her noble protector, Jason, finds himself in a tornado of chaos, blackmail and high-level manipulation. You can call this a dirt-cop movie, implying that the police were corrupt; but saying that only the cops were corrupt would be an understatement. The action scenes were perfectly choreographed, and the profanity wasn't high, although you'll feel the adrenaline rush throughout the flick. And yes, the famous "Wheelman" goes back to his Transporter roots and he often carjacks various rides in order to get from place to place.

Don't let the mediocre movie reviews out there fool you. This one was a very good action movie. And in the end, you will breathe a sigh of relief, & smile.... unlike the ending of the Act of Valor 2012 action movie [which would almost make you cry].

If you want to watch a happy movie with a girl in a glittering red dress, go and see the damn Olympic Starvation I mean the Hunger Games for the 5th time. But if you want to see an action-packed flick that will be worth every penny, go and see Safe!

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