Wednesday, May 30, 2012


All right, The Avengers 2012 movie is still breaking records at the box office, but the filming on the Ironman 3 movie is currently going on, over at Wilmington, North Carolina. Robert Downey Jr. is returning in the entertaining role of Tony Stark and the movie is slated for release on May 3 2013. Earlier today the buzz around the Web is tied to a new costume for one of the villains for Iron-man 3 [specifically a character named Eric Savin, who will be played by actor James Badge Dale]. In the Marvel comics historical archives, Eric is an army soldier who gets injured in a "fake war front" and he is crippled / disabled by a landmine explosion, which his jeep drives over. But due to technological breakthroughs, he is literally reanimated and transformed into a cyborg killing machine called Coldblood-7, who has one-mechanical eye [like Cyborg from Teen Titans] and lots of artificial organs.

But here is the twist: the original blue colored armor for Coldblood-7 is not anything like the Ironman armor in the comic books [check out the sample classic comic image of Coldblood on the right]. Yet for the forthcoming  Iron-Man 3 movie, Eric Savin [aka Coldblood-7] is being given the Iron Patriot armor, perhaps making him a super soldier who previously could not walk. We are not certain of what his legs will look like... he may even have giant tractor treads for all we know, since it appears that the lower half of his costume is currently outfitted for CGI enhancements [see the two "behind the scenes" pics below].

The Iron Patriot armor was worn by Norman Osborn the leader of the Dark Avengers, one of the arch-rivals of Spiderman, shortly after the Marvel Civil War events of 2007 - which culminated in Spidey foolishly revealing his identity to the whole world, and Captain American got killed towards the end of that storyline. Osborn stole the armor pieces from Stark Industries and put them together, but he didn't know how to create the repulsor-ray generators. Thus the Uni-beam source on the chest of the Iron Patriot is a star, as opposed to a triangle or circle.

Anyway, take a look at the red-white-and-blue armor of Norman Osborn, the original Iron Patriot [who led a team of Dark Avengers on a peculiar conquest against the real Avengers] several years ago, along with these behind the scenes images of actor James Badge Dale [who plays Eric Savin and the Iron Patriot character].



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So at this point, fans can view Eric Savin as the new Iron Patriot, who will probably go rouge and battle against Tony Stark / Rober Downey Jr. in the forthcoming movie. Yet some are also saying that Coldblood and Iron Patriot might be two different costumes, while they will both be worn by the same character, as he turns from good to evil [thus for the first half of the movie he is the heroic Iron Patriot, and then later he could wear a different armor set and become Coldblood............ Damn you internet fanboys for creating these multi-layered rumors!!].

The exceptional artwork above was done by Marc Silvestri, for a Civil War Comic Cover variant back in 2007. And the cover image with the star-spangled-colored armor was actually a bit of a joke, which later turned into a real comic book in 2008 by Marvel titled "What If"; and in that storyline, Captain America got a hold of some old Ironman gear and led the Avengers against those representing the Hero Registration Initiative.
However, in the Marvel comic chronological storylines, after the Dark Reign saga and during the Red Skull's invasion of America, the  Iron Patriot armor was vaporized by Skadi - so technically it doesn't even exist anymore.

Per the rumors on the web, the other villain rumored to be in Iron-man 3 is the Mandarin, who may be played by actor Ben Kingsley. Stay tuned to this blog and I'll keep you posted on the info, once I hear that is fully confirmed.
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