Monday, April 8, 2013


Today I'm presenting a forthcoming comic cover for Superman #22, featuring the cover art and interior pages by Kenneth Rocafort. I first got introduced to Kenneth's art via Hunter Killer, a sci fi black-ops book he did for Top Cow / Image Comics back in 2005. And in 2007, he penciled the Madam Mirage comic series written by Paul Dini, which gave Kenneth an avenue to showcase his skills in drawing voluptuous female heroines. Kenneth currently resides in California and he works for DC Comics.
You can check out the sexy curvy Madam Mirage covers / comic pages below, along with the Superman art:

I've seen a lot of artists over the years who showcase a variety of styles. And whenever I meet a new artist [he may be old in the game but new to me], I usually study their visual style, and the way that they draw men & women. I look at roughly 5 things: Anatomy, Perspective, Balance, Entertainment [the Wow / Pop factor] and Realism. But when the art is really catchy, most people just focus on the Wow / Pop factor, which is related to entertainment, while they completely forget about realism.

For instance, a lot of Manga and Anime from Japan commonly have a tremendous Wow / Pop factor, but they just don't look... real. Honestly guys, when was the last time you were at work, school or at the mall, and you saw a beautiful young lady with giant eyes, huge boobs and pink hair??!! For instance, consider the pic shown on the right [from the fan-service-packed anime High School of the Dead] , and you'll see that it has a tremendous Entertainment factor, but has Zero realism.

On the other hand, when the artwork has good balance and it looks both real and entertaining, you have a win-win scenario in my opinion. And thus, I view Kenneth Rocafort's art as well balanced. Kenneth is on facebook, over Here.
Anyway, I have no doubt that he draws what he likes; most artists do that.

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If you like curvy blonde female superheroes, then that is what you'll draw. If you prefer thick goth chicks, then that is what you'll express when you grab your pencil / Wacom Intuos tablet. That's really you're prerogative as an artist. Those familiar with this blog and my art already know what my style is like. I do believe in entertaining the fans boys / fan girls, thus I often exaggerate proportions, making the guys that I draw really muscular and giving the female characters like Elena alluring curves.

Basically it boils down to a marketing gimmick... And trust me, it sells.....

Alright, as promised, here is a new thick & sexy PAWG Gallery with pics of Coco Nicole Austin and other hip hop / urban / latina models, included for those pervs [the young guys and the dirty old men] who would not be watching this blog at all if I didn't include stuff like this LOL

And what the hell is that pic at the end?? Could those be the twin sisters of Mario and Luigi??!! Now that has either entertained the hell out of some people, or completely polluted and ruined their childhood memories of the two innocent plumber brothers. Either way, I respond to the look on your face by saying: YOU'RE WELCOME ;)
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