Thursday, March 3, 2011


...I still know Kung Fu...

Keanu Reeves seems to have flown under the radar for a while.
But he has been quite busy. Various sources have confirmed he’ll be staring in 3 forthcoming movies slated for release this year.
  • Jekyll
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Hanuman
 Jekyll is a modern remake of the classic by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson [Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde].
Most sci fi/ fantasy movies that present that tale always transport the setting back to the 1800s, in order to fit the premise of the book. But from what I’ve heard, Keanu’s movie might be set in modern times [I’m not completely sure about this, but I'll will keep watching for more hints on the secretive project].

Cowboy Bebop is an anime cult classic that was released back in 1998 in the US. Set in the future year of 2071, this sci fi adventure follows a guy named Spike and his three friends as they take on various jobs as bounty hunters, traveling across Earth and in neighboring space.

I’ll let Keanu give you an update on this project, from an interview he did about 5 months ago:

An animated movie based on the series was released back in 2003, and its success only hinted that fans adored the concept and its characters.

[From left to right: Jet Black, Spike Spiegel, Faye Valentine, Edward Wong, and the dog]

As stated earlier the series is set in the year 2071, and it showcases a lot of  fusions between contemporary and futuristic themes in the dress style, architecture and technology. In the anime setting, the entire Solar System has been made accessible through reliable hyperspace gates. Mars has become the new central hub of human civilization, and interplanetary crime syndicates exert influence over the government and the Inter-Solar System Police (ISSP), limiting their effectiveness in dealing with crime. As a result, a bounty system similar to that in the Old West is established to deal with fugitives, terrorists, and other criminals. 

The series often refers to Bounty Hunters as cowboys.
"Bebop" is actually the name of the spaceship owned by Jet Black, which conveys the heroes through space.
A fan created this image of "Keanu in character" on YouTube: 

Keanu has always had the rather laconic persona, which will be a perfect fit for the role of Spike.

No word yet on the female actress who will be playing Faye. She's known for being sexy and feisty, yet in the anime series her past debts and the questionable things she did before joining the cowboys keep getting her in trouble - forcing Spike to risk his life on her behalf.

As for the movie titled Hanuman... I don't know too much about that one. I think it is tied to characters from Hindu religion and folklore. I'll keep you posted when I hear more.

There is still a rumor that he'll be working on a 47-Ronin movie, but that appears to be a future project.