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A Unique Female Warrior.

Yatalia Yentoshima is one of the elite Centura soldiers, and she's part of the Alpha Senturi division. She is not part of the Top 5, but she's the highest ranking female Alpha in the Averan military. Most of the Black-Ops missions coordinated within the boundaries of planet Avera are under her authority. She is often misunderstood, since at first sight a lot of critics tag her as utterly cold and eccentric. Yet she truly personifies strength, beauty and uniqueness.

Yatalia is known for her dark tastes and her fondness of temporal tattoos - she enjoys changing them periodically, according to her diverse moods. Classically trained in all of the four-stringed violin instruments from her youth, her affluent parents had assumed she would pursue a career in music. But her fondness of warfare had drawn her to the military instead. And the fact that she'd displayed bio-thermal potential shortly before puberty had probably been the most significant event, which caused her to begin probing into her pedigree to discover the true origins of her blended family; the origins that had inadvertently made her different.

She was used to looking different and being treated exclusively; per her interracial appearance, she'd often found it hard to fit into snobby cliques in high school. Perhaps it was such isolation that caused her to become a bit of a rebel and prankster. Homemade stink bombs were things she could conjure with ease, and some of her classmates tagged her as a kleptomaniac due to her quick hands.

Her training to become a disciplined soldier was very thorough. Azda Makeshadag—a famous retired gladiator—had seen great potential in her, and had mentored Yatalia personally. And Azda candidly accepted her as a daughter and sparred with her privately for endless hours.

Azda is a wise and powerful woman from planet Entrados, in the Delta Sector. And she was a combat consultant to the Centura, at that time. Thus Yatalia's hand-to-hand combat skills encompass a wide variety of martial arts, ranging from Muay Thai and Judo to Kung Fu techniques. And most of her potent strikes are channeled through her strong legs.

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As part of her on personal tastes, Yatalia has a thing for dark poetry: fluent rhyming writings intertwined with morbid themes. And not surprisingly, she's the sort of female that loves listening to music by artists like Adam Hurst and Rob Zombie.

With time, it has become evident to her peers that she has a strong blood-lust as well. Some people actually crave the thrill of a violent clash and the adrenaline rush that ensues when they behold a bullet heading straight for their temple. Per her quick reflexes, dodging bullets is something she enjoys - since she's a superhuman being, like Prince Azzar and Commander Vince.

[Yatalia in her sleek Alpha Senturi armor, without her custom mask]

[Yatalia wearing her alternate Navy SEAL gear, as she wields a custom MP5 sub-machine gun]

Her resume over the years has become very impressive. And she's still in the process of discovering her family origins. Her first appearance is in Book 1 of the DSNG CHRONICLES Trilogy. Wish there was time to delve into her love life. It is quite... interesting. Those that have read Book 1 should be a bit more familiar with her... 

Yatalia was also shown wearing an alluring spandex outfit on the cover of DSNG CHRONICLES BOOK 4, while holding her PCD-II device. And she was featured in the continuing story of DSNG Book 5.


Yatalia is a respected Black-ops soldier and an elite member of the CSFC - The Centura Special Forces Command. And according to Commander Vince [her arrogant ex-boyfriend], if the ranking of the most elite Centura soldiers was tagged as the Top 6, as opposed to the intrepid Top 5, she would definitely be the 6th member of that highly respected group of super soldiers.


[More posters of Yatalia and her cool female sci fi armor design are shown above]

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