Thursday, June 30, 2011

NEW CINEMATIC TRAILER FOR STAR WARS [The Old Republic, video game]

I saw this Youtube clip a few days ago. Seems to be a cool premise for the forthcoming video game, Star Wars: The Old Republic [SWTOR]. It is an upcoming Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game [MMORPG]. It was first announced in a press conference back in 2008, at an an invitation-only press event.

Players will be able to function as two disparate factions: The Galactic Republic [Heroes] or the Sith Empire [Villains].

If you take a look at the logos shown at the opening of the cinematic below, you'll see "BIOWARE" and that Canadian company is synonymous with the MASS EFFECT video game franchise. That will give you an idea of the sort of detail and galactic depth that can be expected in the forthcoming video game from George Lucas.

I still suspect that George Lucas is secretly planning to release a brand new STAR WARS TRILOGY, beyond the pointless 3D versions of the last three SW movies that are slated to be re-released next year, in 2012 [which basically show the life of young Anakin Skywalker and the gradual rise of Darth Vader]. Most die-hard fans are not going to bother to watch the same old flicks in theaters all over again... and there have been loose reports from "insiders" at Lucas Arts that seem to point to the possibility of a fresh set of three movies...

The DSNG Blog article done in October last year [2010] when the news of the 3D-movie conversions was first announced is right posted here, and it was called UNBELIEVABLE STAR WARS NEWS.

When solid details are presented to the media, we'll continue that discussion.

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