Thursday, June 16, 2011


Earlier today I got a facebook note from a guy who asked me "... what does DSNG mean?"
I've been asked that question for years. And a fan at DA once said, "Does it stand for Digital Satellite News Gathering?"
Yeah, that is one of the interpretations of the DSNG acronym.

But in this case, its stands for DESTINY SERIES THE NEO-GENESIS and the first DSNG sketches date back to 1999, done when I was still learning to draw in an old notebook. That header is a bit too long for comics and book covers, hence I use the brief 4-letter word "DSNG". You can check out the original article on exploring the futuristic sci-fi universe over here:
I've recently added some cool new pics to it, including a new beautiful pic of Wandah, the female Kataran surgeon.

Now back to the topic at hand. There are certain names and faces that you behold, over and over again when you observe the DSNG sci fi series. For example:
These characters can be tagged as the Usual Suspects. And most of them are featured in the five DSNG Chronicles ebooks available for download at

All of these characters are featured in DSNG Book 4 and DSNG Book 5.

The term "Unusual Suspects" is tied to a new short story that I wrote this month. And it features Commander Yatalia Yentoshima.


The short 150-page story is centered upon an undercover operation consigned to the hands of the skilled female Alpha Senturi soldier. She is joined by Prince Azzar and two other supporting Black-Ops operatives, Captain Payne Hall and Diane Price. And Yatalia takes on the mission in order to clear her name. Independent from the other 5 ebooks in the current DSNG Pentalogy, this story is designed as a sci fi action/adventure & thriller; and it takes place over a span of about a week.

Posters / pinups of some other focal characters in the story:



From top left, Clockwise: Azzar Omenus, Laura Dubois, Yatalia Yentoshima and Sensei Yamaguchi. Yatalia is wearing a tight body-hugging outfit that's almost like latex - there are several latex / fetish pinup galleries on-line with costumes like that.

Prince Azzar is the Senior Commanding Officer [SCO] of the Centura, the united military forces of planet Avera. He's the guy on the cover of Book 1. Laura is the District Attorney [the DA] of South Philadelphia - one of the six mega states on planet Avera - where the entire mission unfolds. Sensei Yamaguchi is a martial arts instructor who focuses on karate and kendo techniques. A new article showing Laura was posted HERE. And Yatalia, who was also on the cover of DSNG Book 4, is the focal heroine of the short story. The long-haired female warrior is actually tied to a questionable case of mass manslaughter, as the story unfolds. 

Here is  the synopsis of the new ebook:

The explosive sci fi adventure within the Makuran galaxy continues with this dynamic thriller from the author of the DSNG Pentalogy!

The Centura have been focused on uncovering the vile plots of the Gorilla rebel militia for the past few years and now there appears to be a new devious faction that threatens the peace and safety of the civilians in the mega state of South Philadelphia. This new group of mobsters is known as the Barracudas, and their diabolical acts of destruction around the neo-industrial cities of Luxemburg and Bronzeville soon warrant an espionage mission.

The mission is adopted by Commander Yatalia Yentoshima who assigns a black-Ops team to hunt down the lower-ranking members of the Barracudas—who are rumored to be in league with the Gorillas, the notorious IP-terrorist group. Yatalia is a resilient Alpha Senturi soldier with an outstanding resume. She has the mental resolve to get the job done at all costs and the strict orders she gives to her subservient stealth operatives on this new espionage mission fully reflect her intrepid mindset.

The trail of evidence leads the sponsored Black-Ops team of ten Alpha Senturi soldiers to a particular towering hotel that is under construction, and a violent shootout soon ensues between the assembled Barracudas and the soldiers sponsored by the Centura [aka the military force of planet Avera]. An air strike is soon sanctioned and four fearsome Advantor X–50 hyper jets are called in to wipe out the multistory safe house. The towering hotel is soon devastated by streaking warheads and the city is flung into a state of chaos.

The air raid had taken place within a commercial area, resulting in the deaths of over 200 people. And now a peculiar investigation begins to unfold, as the shocked local government officials and enraged human rights organizations strive to uncover the reason for the blatant attack that terminated several innocent civilians.

While maintaining a defiant mindset, Commander Yatalia prepares to eventually be prosecuted, since she is the one who adamantly gave the green light for the air strike. But there appears to be more to this attack than meets the eye, per some covert details that the high-ranking female soldier observed prior to the sanctioning of the aerial bombardment.

Another undercover mission commences and Yatalia is caught up in a race against time to track down the Barracudas and clear her name, before she is forced to stand trial in a federal court for committing an unimaginable act of manslaughter in the city of Luxemburg. The explosive action and covert espionage efforts lead her on a winding investigative trail as she strives to prove that the air strike was a necessity and not just an impetuous order on her part. Yet she has no idea of the web of deceit that she is poised to encounter as she traces an unusual suspect!

Join the adventure and discover the truth in this action packed thriller!

Rated M for Mature audiences.    Promo price for a limited time: $0.99; ebook page count: 150.

The Link to the new ebook DSNG TALES: UNUSUAL SUSPECT: is right HERE.

For 99-cents, you can't beat this deal... the price will shoot up later, so grab it now!
Also check out the Preview of DSNG Chronicles Book 4, posted previously in this blog: HERE


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