Monday, November 21, 2011


Today I'll just showcase some artwork, tied to past and forthcoming articles. The first sketch was done almost 2 years ago, and it features a versatile Hip Hop model named Laura Dore. The reference pic on the left is from an article about her in Smooth Magazine. And beside the mag, the image of Laura on the right that I drew was later colored and posted in the popular blog article about the Cheesecake art style, over HERE.

Next to Laura, we have a pic of one of the alien species from the DSNG sci fi series. This thundering brute is a fierce Dinatour; and he is charging like an unstoppable behemoth. The Blog article about Dinatours is over HERE.
He looks like a hybrid between a bull and man. And my character design was based upon the classic creature from Greek Mythologies called the Minotaur. Those who watched the new Immortals 2011 Movie saw another interpretation of this creature, presented as a huge human warrior wearing the helmet of a bull. The lengthy article tied to that movie review is over HERE.

So far, the only Dinatour I've drawn and colored is Ellystra, the strong personal assistant of Empress Havita. I'll be posting more on the Dinatour alien race, later this week.

And lastly, we have a pencil drawing of Spider-man, done by my art mentor, Pro-artist Terry Dodson.

This is from the excellent Graphic Novel [a collection of 12 comic books] titled Marvel Knights Spider-Man. In that storyline written by Mark Millar, Spidey's dear aunt May gets kidnapped. Thus the web-slinger goes on a vigilante-styled desperate crusade, in order to find her. Through out the plot, he is literally kicking ass & taking names. And the sexy Black Cat joins him on the explosive adventures, which force him to clash with the Avengers, Electro, the Vulture, Dr. Octopus, Venom, the Green Goblin, and other classic villains. The story was so good that legendary comic icon Stan Lee [who wrote the forward to it] called it a movie, as opposed to just a comic book.

You can probably find it at or in a comic store. The images below are a size comparison, showing the sketch that I recently did, beside the large-sized graphic novel by Terry.

Those who enjoy pencil art can check out the pic of the Black Cat that I did some time ago, over HERE

There is another blog article that showcases over 20 stunning images of the Black Cat done by various pro-artists, including covers by Terry. That lengthy post is over HERE

And more excellent art by Terry Dodson, featuring Emma Frost from the X-men: HERE