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A New Phase in the Dynamic Sci Fi ebook Saga Commences Now!

All right, I've been waiting for a few weeks to give this update. This sixth ebook [DSNG CHRONICLES 6: LETHAL INTENT] is the latest and lengthiest installment [about 620 pages] in the explosive DSNG sci fi series. And the story, placed in a futuristic setting, features Prince Azzar Omenus and Elena Eden, along with a few new characters. Azzar is the main protagonist in the series and Elena [an exuberant supermodel] is also someone that most DSNG fans are familiar with, per all the fan arts and articles that have been posted in this blog, which feature her and Nicole "Coco" Austin.

A powerful alien female called Ellystra Exstron is shown on the cover of DSNG Book 6 and she is from the icy planet Planoris. No, she isn't a Kataran wolf-hybrid like Chebeyah and Wandah. She is a Dinatour and I'm yet to do an overview of her alien race. Note: Classic Minotaurs are mindless bull-like brutes with one tail; while the Dinatours in the DSNG series are designed as sentient alien beings with two tails.

Ellystra [aka Elly, for short] is a sexy alien female and she is the chief bodyguard and personal assistant of Empress Havita - the Valderra of planetoid Darosa. Elly stands at about 6 feet tall and her dress measurements in inches are approximately 40G-27-46. And she is designed in the classic pin up Cheesecake art style. As a Dinatour, she has distinguishing features like twin tails, hooves, long droopy ears and horns. And she definitely has a short temper, since she is rather impetuous. She is used to giving orders and getting respect. And although Elly is not a superhuman, per her eldritch pedigree she literally has superhuman strength and durability. 

As the Female Overseer of Darosa, Elly is second in rank only to the Empress. And when Prince Azzar visits their colonized moon on a rather diplomatic meeting, he is in a for a rude awakening.

Before the introverted noble Prince can settle down, an unforeseen murder ensues at the hosting conference center on that planetiod, and the explosive adventure shifts into 5th gear from that point. 

Here is the pitch for Book 6, as presented at


The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the sixth installment of the DSNG series!

Now that the undercover mission tagged as Operation Raven Wings-3 has been concluded, a wave of peace appears to flow over the shores of planet Avera. However an urgent comlink call from the beautiful Empress of a distant moon called Planetoid Darosa summons Prince Azzar, forcing him to travel to the orbit of Taran, the neighboring planet in the colonized Beta sector.

There, the superhuman Prince has been invited to survey and sponsor a particular biomedical breakthrough, tagged as the Spartacus AV-25 serum. And on this Inter-Planetary journey, he is accompanied by the exuberant supermodel Elena Eden and a trusted team of thirty Imperial Knights.

But shortly after the Prince arrives in the heart of Darosa, a wave of death washes over the convention center and someone is brutally murdered. The assistant of the Empress, Ellystra [a powerful female Dinatour] soon steps up to investigate the situation; and shockingly, the initial evidence points to the visiting Prince as the perpetrator of the violent act of homicide.

A dynamic rollercoaster ride literally ensues as a team of investigators embark upon a twisting journey to uncover the truth. But like an unforeseen plague of doom, several cybernetic hybrid beings—death dealers of unknown origins—soon begin surfacing around the futuristic cities on planetoid Darosa. Anarchy ensues and this further leads to complications in the ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, Kinera Foxx is on a ferocious rampage. And the golden assassin appears to have a vendetta against a series of highly affluent and intelligent men. As a sadistic headhunter, she commonly works for hire. But in this scenario she appears to almost be killing civilians for no reason. Soon mysterious truths tied to the origins of the cybernetic hybrid killers start to emerge; and the fact that Kinera has a vicious vendetta against several prominent Taranian men is soon overshadowed by some shocking revelations. And per the hand of fate, her attacks strangely overlap the ongoing investigations that have the Prince of Avera tangled in a mystified web of confusion, which leads to explosive chaos…

- Part 6 of 6 ebooks. Rated M for Mature; 620 pages

Since the DSNG ebooks are a series, the story is continuous; yet each book presents a fresh storyline for fans to follow smoothly. In the previous blog article that talked about DSNG Book 4, Commander Yatalia was shown on the cover and the story arc was centered around an undercover operation that she was supervising. That mission bled into DSNG Book 5 and it was concluded at the end of that ebook. Therefore, at the onset of DSNG Book 6, you get to see Yatalia relaxing with her loved-ones in a family setting. Since continuity is a big issue in my opinion, that scenario was a necessary addition.

The poster below shows some of the other prominent characters featured in the story. From left to right:
  1. Countess Davinant Carter
  2. Baroness Yenah Von Klum
  3. Empress Havita Hantraggon
  4. Lady Neena Nekasha

[Sci fi wallpaper poster of sexy female aliens from the DSNG sci fi series]

Countess Davinat [the last letter in her name is silent] first made her debut in DSNG Book 3 and she is a clever female Scalatan. Daviant often goes by the name "Lady Iona Val-Welsh" and only her closest associates know of this disguising persona moniker. She is literally a female mob boss [notice her mafia-like appearance]. The name of her firm is Marcelo Enterprises Inc. and it is an Interplanetary shipping / bulk transport company. She is actually a goodhearted woman, who got fed up with her abusive husband. Right now he's six feet under and she's on top of the world...
Davinat Carter is a cousin of Tekshat Zong and Tek-Hon Zong, the two children of Lady Trishat Zong. Lady Trishat was married to the father of the Prince of Avera, Lord Vaygon Omenus, many years ago.  

Empress Havita is the Valderra [literally the Queen] of Darosa and she plays a major role in Books 4, 5 and 6. The premier blog article featuring her was posted HERE. Havita has an incredible voice, and even though she speaks like an alto, she sings like a soprano - she can hit high notes like Mariah Carey [check out this classic song by Mariah to hear the sort of high musical keys I'm referring to: HERE and listen to the last 20 seconds of that video to hear it]. Havita's voice and beauty catapulted her to fame and she actually has history with Elena Eden - their bond of camaraderie is revealed in the pages of Book 6.

Lady Neena Nekasha is the matriarch [uncrowned female ruler/clan mother] of the Nauticons, an all-female alien race hailing from the water world, Macur. Neena was seen on the cover of DSNG Book 3 and she was a main character in that story, along with the King of Avera [Azzar's cousin, King Titron]; and they had an "interesting" adventure together. Neena resides on planet Taran, the planet around which Darosa rotates; although she hails from Macur - the blog article featuring that blue planet is forthcoming, stay tuned...

And as for Baroness Yenah Von Klum, you've actually met her before. Hailing from planet Taran, she's an extremely affluent woman, who is one of Havita's best friends.This is her placid public persona; but this is her true identity: HERE

There are a couple of deliberative issues that are tackled in this new book 6; you can view them as secondary themes and plights that affect the nature of the odyssey intertwined in the new storyline:
  • What do you do when you and your girlfriend/boyfriend are really not on “speaking or doing terms” and you meet someone else who is 10 times hotter?
  • How do you solve a murder mystery when you are highlighted by the local law enforcement as one of the main suspects?
  • What happens when you create a dynamic interface between a sentient machine and the living substrate of a tender organism?
  • Does a calculating robotic mind have a conscience?
  • How should a respectable guy react when he has been verbally pushed to the limit by a lady who literally has power over him per her distinguished rank?
The answers to these rhetorical questions are open for careful debate. But you should check out the latest DSNG ebook to find out how all of the issues lead to an unforgettable and explosive adventure!

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