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Next month, one of the most highly anticipated games of the year will be launched on the major consoles [Xbox 360, PS3 and PC]. And Mass Effect 3 [ME3] was already generating a stir on the Web amongst sci fi and gaming fans before the clip that debuted last year during the Spike TV Video Game Awards Show. Commander Shephard returns in this final ME3 adventure on the 6th of March 2012, and he [or she, depending upon the character sprite you created in game #1 released back in 2007] will be joined by familiar cast members like Miranda, Jack, Samara, Liara, Joker, Tali [a Shadow Broker], Legion, Grunt, Urdnot, Mordin, Ashley [a Spectre], Garrus [an Assassin] and several others - but remember that anyone of your squad members who died in the previous game, ME2, will not be in ME3.


Miranda [shown on the left] and Kasumi, a DLC character [shown above] were both featured in the previous game, ME2 - and it's from that pool of digital data that I sourced their cool posters. With each Mass Effect title, the sci fi world kept growing, giving fans more of an in-depth gaming experience. And one of the intriguing things about this game is the "transferable relationships".
In my opinion, this Mass Effect 3 video game is a cross between the Cyberbunk and Space Military Sci Fi genres. Take a look at these wallpapers and posters and you'll see what I mean.

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Starting back in 2007 as a breakthrough sci fi game produced by the Canadian firm Bioware, the Mass Effect franchise has gotten better and better with each interpretation. And the third installment of the adventures of Commander Shepherd and his band of merry men [and feisty alien women] looks like it is tinkering on the verge of a global catastrophe, as the insidious Reaper Aliens are attempting to devour the earth and destroy its inhabitants via their mechanical monstrosities. Observe the cool sci fi concept art on the left by concept artist Rafael Grassetti, showing the 3D views of a female N7 operative with gothic / cyberpunk themes [And an image of a Reaper mecha unit with spider legs was shown in the gallery above].

The fun fact about Mass Effect is that with each new game, you can import previously saved files that will literally transfer the past decisions you made in the past games, bringing them into the new game. And this affects your game sprite's reality in a radical way. That is why I said earlier that anyone of your squad members who died in the previous game, ME2, will not be in ME3, if you choose to upload your former game data.

The clip below summarizes part of the objectives in the new game:

More classic screenshots from past Mass Effect games, showing the sultry Miranda and the sexy Samara:


Bioware has also confirmed that any weapons Shepard acquired in Mass Effect 2 will carry over to Mass Effect 3; and this includes weapons added by the Firepower pack DLC.  In previous Mass Effect games there have been a few categories of weapons to choose from. The type of weapon you are able to use depends upon the sprite class you choose to play as, or the unlocks that you choose in the story. The main sci fi weapons used by Shepard and his crew include heavy pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades, heavy weapons, and sub-machine guns. Each weapon is chosen from the selection "weapon wheel". But you can only switch between the weapons that you have unlocked and equipped.

The poster below on the left shows the former set of sci fi weapons and laser guns that the players could select in ME2. And in the ME3 game, the first two special weapons that can be acquired when the game is pre-ordered online are shown on the right [a raider shotgun and an assault rifle]:



Additionally, there is a new weapon in the game that already has several forum discussion boards buzzing and debating about its authenticity: enter the Omni-blade, the holographic energy weapon that is protracted from the hi-tech gauntlet of Commander Shephard.

The Mass Effect Codex Staff have said this about the weapon, shown below on the right:

>>Omni-tools are handheld devices that combine a computer microframe, sensor analysis pack, and minifacturing fabricator. Versatile and reliable, an Omni-tool can be used to analyze and adjust the functionality of most standard equipment, including weapons and armor, from a distance.

>>The fabrication module can rapidly assemble small three-dimensional objects from common, reusable industrial plastics, ceramics, and light alloys. This allows for field repairs and modifications to most standard items, as well as the reuse of salvaged equipment. Omni-tools are standard issue for soldiers and first-in colonists.

Umm.... yeah, it sounds more like an indirect way to say: "We really don't know what it is, but you can use it in the game..."

And here are what some fans have said in the forums, regarding the tool:


>>Commander Shephard just wants to be like Optimus Prime! LOL

>>It's probably a upgrade to the Omni-tool technology - one issued specifically to soldiers and special ops personnel. The Omni-Blade seems consistent to me as we already know that Mass Effect has the technology to create solid holograms capable of inflicting injuries or even killing you. The simulators on Pinnacle Station in ME1 did it all the time - especially if the safety protocols were deactivated.
As for how the blade works I guess it probably involves a combination of holographics and kinetic barriers to create a hard, cutting surface. I have to wonder though will there be different variants of the Omni-Blade for different clases e.g a Biotic could have a Omni-Blade that uses dark energy harnessed from his or her body by the tool and formed into a cutting blade.

I think the hardcore Mass Effect game players seem to know more about the weapon's operational details than the game creators....
Mass Effect 3 hits stores on March 6th 2012 and it concludes the game trilogy.

**EDIT ON FEBRUARY 27, 2012:

Check out these new Mass Effect 3 wallpapers from the latest cinematic trailers!


And these two last wallpaper pics give a glimpse at the new Female Commander Shephard [aka the FemShep game design - something that Web searches to this blog tag as "female police armor concept art"]:


And this is the latest live-action trailer for the forthcoming game:

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