Saturday, February 25, 2012


Various Love Interests of The DC Comics Billionaire Playboy.

Mr. Bruce Wayne can be called many things; affluent, eccentric, philanthropic, suave, mysterious and even enigmatic. But Batman has never been known to be a one-woman kinda guy.

Beyond the fact that a blissful long-term marriage is probably never going to happen in the life of Bruce Wayne [beyond his connections to Talia & Selina in some classic storylines], I took some time off during the NBA All-Star weekend to do some research, tracing all of the women that have been linked to Batman over the years, even dating back to the golden age of DC Comics. I took a look at animation storylines as well, in order to gain more data.

And I found out that Batman is one hell of a player; he's been linked to all these ladies, in either a romantic or a flirtatious manner:
  1. Wonder Woman - Diana
  2. Talia [the daughter of Ra's Al Gul]
  3. Catwoman - Selina Kyle
  4. The Cheetah [Barbara Minerva]
  5. Superwoman
  6. Silver St. Cloud [he was engaged to her at one point]
  7. Poison Ivy
  8. Harley Quinn
  9. Lois Lane [news reporter in Metropolis]
  10. Vicky Vale [news reporter in Gotham]
  11. Black Canary - Dinah Drake
  12. Sasha Bordeaux [His ex-bodyguard /turned cyborg /turned dead] 
  13. Jezebel Jet [Batman dates outside his race; she was a foxy sister! LOL]
He's kissed all of those ladies and even got to fourth-base on a few occasions with some of them. Some comic artists have even depicted Batman paired up with other females from another comic universe, linking him to characters like Black Cat, Emma Frost and Rouge. He is obviously not attracted to calm-natured introverted ladies. Bruce appears to like girls that are tough and rather "catty".


"Try me, my dear; just try the Big Bat" ........... LMAO.

All right, the writers of the Cartoon Network’s Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated shows were fond of generating scenarios that dictated the sexual tension between Bruce and Diana. Yet there were no overtly torrid scenes involving them as a couple, although there was an episode that they worked together very closely; and Batman claimed that he was not ready for commitments because, in his own words,  "I'm a rich kid with lots of issues".

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Ms. Jezebel Jet, an African supermodel/millionairess, is shown on the left side. The Huntress is left out of the list above, as is Batgirl.... I omitted them for a reason. In some alternate storylines, the Huntress was originally the daughter of Batman and Catwoman [she is Helena Wayne, in Earth-2 from the 1960s & 70s]; and in some other none-canonical tales, the Huntress becomes Batgirl, since Barbara Gordon is in a wheelchair. Hence in this blog, I will NOT advocate that Batman hook up with his daughter - 'cause that's just.... perversely creepy.

Although there are other female characters that I've left out, the list of 13 ladies tagged as "Batman's love interests" above includes human and superhuman ladies. But the one chick that he's probably got on speed-dial for late night booty-calls is... the Black Canary [aka Dinah Drake]. Yes, that is correct. He's made out with her so many times that I lost track over the years. And his relationship with her predates her fling/marriage with Green Arrow [seems like she has a thing for billionaires]. And some fans don't know that Batman and Canary have been swopping spittle since 1971 - when the old-school Justice League comic was being drawn. And a year before that, in 1970, there was a comic titled Batman & Black Canary: The Brave and the Bold - it was published in black and white. And the cover for that comic is below...

The picture gallery above will very some of these claims that I've made from comic archives. And the most popular interaction between Batman and Black Canary comes from a comic by the legendary Jim Lee [back in 2006 / 2007, Jim drew All Star Batman and Robin issue #7]. And there is an infamous "lightning bolt panel" that was designed as a metaphor for powerful sex between the  Canary and "The Goddamn Batman" - she calls him that moniker repeatedly in the storyline.

It is unlikely that Batman will ever settle down and get married and stay that way for many years. The publishers and writer at DC Comics would probably kill him for the second or third time before they let that happen. He is a billionaire-playboy and in a way he is DC Comics' version of Marvel's Ironman - someone who is incredibly smart and yet he's void of innate superhuman powers. Yet if it is ever rumored that Batman ties the knot permanently, you can take a look at this gallery again and guess who the lucky gal will be.

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