Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I did some browsing over the weekend, while collecting sexy pin-up samples from around the Web; often the poses that I choose to draw are actually based on real-life models partaking in photoshoots. Of course I often tweak the eventual proportions of the drafted female character, and that's my prerogative.
Anyway as I browsed, I noticed something that made me feel a bit... ambivalent. And by that I mean I am rather undecided, about how much body-paint is too much, upon the body of a young model.

As for guys, we really aren't built for eloquence and adorable beauty. Men ought to be tough and rugged, to a certain degree. And those of you who know of the rugged men who compete as MMA fighters are aware that a lot of those guys are covered in tats from their necks down to their toes.

I'm in my early-30s and I know that having multiple tats are tied to the traits of the hip-hop culture. Yet there was a time that excessive tattoos was more of a "rock & metal thing" than a "hip-hop thing". But with the ascension of Lil Wayne and other young rappers over the past 10 years that have been covered with an overload of body-paint, it seems like the younger generations find it extremely appealing to cover themselves with tattoos.

Sometimes, editors for King, Show Case or Smooth Girl Magazine will hire digital artists to use Photoshop and blot out excessive tattoos, so that they are not seen as a distraction to the inherent beauty of the pawg / latina / urban model featured within the Magazine pages. Now take a look at these "unPhotoshoped" Hip Hop Cake models, and you can be the judge... have some of them gone too far with the tattoos, or do they look even more beautiful and sexy to you with the tats? Plus, consider the placement  of their tattoos and imagine them without the scribbles on their skin... and you be the judge on whether it enhances their beauty or not.


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I'm not against tattoos; some of the main characters in the DSNG sci fi series have them. 
But has anyone ever considered what would happen if you get 50 tats when you are 20 years old; and then at 40, you don't like half of them anymore.... or by then you've broken up with "Bubba the luv freak" and now his face is permanently etched on your butt?? It happens... we all grow out of clothes and even out of various fashion trends. Yeah, tats can be removed; but depending on the tone of your epidermal layers, they can still leave a permanent discolored map upon your skin.

This is my opinion: Do what you like, since it's your body.... but just make sure that if you get lots of tats, you get them all for you, and not to impress/satisfy anyone else. Plus if you're going to get a tat of your lover, then they should also get one of you, on the same day!

Hip-Hop Model role call from the pics above: Malicia Monroe, Joanna Shari, Cassiie, Tehmeena, Brittanya O’Campo, Baby, Sky, Mesha, Creamy, Yarissa. If you right-click on the image and save it, you should see the name of the exact model in the description.
I need to send a shout-out to Felix Natal Jr, who took a lot of these photographs and showcased them in his Blog.

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