Thursday, October 18, 2012


Figured I'd do a new post today, since I haven't updated this blog in a while [I've been busy as hell with work, plus DSNG Book 8 is being worked on this month]. As showcased by the variety of pics in this blog, I collect a lot of art from the Web, storing the images on my desktop and utilizing them as modeling and coloring inspirations. And some of the archived stuff on my old hard-drive dates back to 2006. Its strange how some beautiful works of art literally get lost in the uncharted depths of the Web... and often this Internet can be considered as a deep sea, full of a myriad of mysteries.

Anyway, Cheesecake Art is something that I do as an artist and there are a ton of other artists that utilize the same gimmick in their drawings, to make their drafted works more appealing to fanboys and fangirls. One of the most famous Cheesecake characters is Jessica Rabbit, from the 1988 cartoon movie. And I've included several pics of her here, along with images of other sexy cartoon, video game and anime characters. Often fangirls that attend the Comic Cons adopt cosplay costumes of Jessica and I've included a few cosplays pics in this gallery:

Photographer LJInto took the first pic featuring cosplayer Yaya Han, while Reiq drew the fourth one.
All right, the second chick in the top row is not the classic Jessica Rabbit. She's an urban hip-hop model who goes by the name Miss Jessica... but since she has an hourglass figure, then I assumed she was close enough to the theme, so I added her to the mix.


The digital art shown above in the first row includes work by Adam Hughes [Black Cat], Kenneth Rocafort [Starfire], Digital artist Xaxaxa [he drew Mai], and DSNG Artist [I drew the last classic Ashoka pic]. Not sure who drew Iroha, the video game vixen wearing the french maid costume; its one of the Cheesecake posters that I found while browsing through the Web.

There's more cosplay of Jessica Rabbit over HERE and the extended gallery of Marvel's Black Cat is over HERE.
You should also check out the article on Red Monika -  a sexy redhead heroine, created in the mid-90s by the trailblazing Marvel artist Joe Madureira [Joe Mad!], the guy behind the Darksiders I and II video games. Red Monika --> HERE




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