Monday, February 4, 2013


All right, now that Superbowl 47 is over, I'll post a few more articles! LOL
This is Kathy Ferreiro, a Cuban mami who resides in Florida. She's about 22 years old. I've been seeing her pics online without knowing her name. I recently found out about her from a broad Web search. Apparently she seems to be an aspiring urban model / aspiring young actress.... not sure if she's graduated from college yet, and I can't tell if she's been in any major music videos or magazines, like Smooth Girl, Mixed Mag, King, XXL Blackmen's magazine etc [as most urban models get their big break that way]. 
Anyway, Kathy Ferreiro is also called The Bentley.... and that tag refers to her booty. Trust me folks, I did not make that one up; that's the nickname she got on the internet, for being a classy looking Pawg with a big ass... so if you run a Google search for "Kathy Bentley", you'll see her face! LOL! 
I liked her Catwoman Cosplay pic in the first row below; it's both sexy and unique [BTW, there are more Catwoman cosplay pics featuring Yaya Han, Bianca Beauchamp and other lovely ladies archived in this blog, over Here]. 


Some of the pics in my blog get "photoshoped" before I post them... but with Kathy Ferreiro, I didn't have to do that; she naturally has an hourglass figure and curvy hips. Of course looks are never a sure sign of maturity or good character. Yet this DSNG blog is dedicated to pin ups, glamor models, sci fi, anime, concept cars and other things that interest a predominantly male audience.

All right buddy, let's keep talking, as I can practically read the questions on your mind.... so I'll answer them.

Q: Does Kathy Bentley have a boyfriend?
A: I dunno
Q: Is she a Vegas gogo dancer / Booty shakin' stripper?
A: Dude, I dunno. And technically, she's a Whooty
Q: Then what the hell do you know, Mr. DSNG?!
A: I know as much as you know. I'm not some internet stalker that goes around hunting for personal info on complete strangers. Plus, if you're on Twitter [I'm not], then you can look her up and send her a twit-note.
Anyway, when all is said and done, I will say that Kathy Bentley and her booty both look good [both of them are shown below]. I may start using her as a drawing reference sample, the same way I use Coco Austin, when I'm drawing my DSNG character named Elena Eden. But I wouldn't give her a 10 out of 10... I'd give her an 11.