Sunday, June 30, 2013


I'll start of this week with a little rant, and the focus of this discussion is tied to an article that I saw recently on Yahoo. Some guy was saying that Wonder Woman was going to be The BEST movie for DC Comics to make next. But I strongly disagree. Truthfully it looks like DC and Warner Bros will probably be focused upon bringing a Superman & Batman movie to the big screen, sometime in 2015, if not sooner. 

Honestly if you take a look at Wonder Woman shown on the left, you will recall that she was created at a period in which heroism and patriotism were fused together to create comic characters that appealed to young men. But trust me guys, watching a young busty lady wearing star-spangled panties flying in the air with an "invisible jet" and running around in high-heeled boots while wielding a super-truth lasso is something that audiences might not be truly ready for. BTW, I do not know the name of the cosplayer behind that pic - but if you're a regular at the 2013 San Diego Comic Con, you might catch her there.
Anyway, a few years ago the big wigs at DC Comics rapidly tried to revamp WWs image and they gave her a new spunky costume designed by the legendary Jim Lee; which truly made her look more hip than ever before [and the image by Alex Garner on the right shows the new costume]. But even that didn't help the attempted Wonder Woman Television series - which turned out to be a major failure back in 2011 - the past article on that flop is over HERE.

And now for the inconsistency: Most fanboys and fangirls know that Wonder Woman is the female version of Superman, having almost all his powers [save for his heat vision, X-ray vision and frost breath], and none of his weaknesses [she isn't allergic to shiny green rocks].
But if that is the case, and since Wonder Woman / Diana is invulnerable to fire and bullets, then why the hell does she need those damn bullet-proof bracelets?? [Ping, ping!].
And why would you need Wonder Woman when you have PowerGirl, a true Kryptonian? [although in some alternate universes, PG is presented as a clone].
Alas, there are a lot of inconsistencies in terms of power levels for the heroes / heroines in the world of comics; it's the sort of thing that I strive to avoid when I write my DSNG ebooks, out of respect for the fans. Nevertheless, I do hope that DC Comics brings "Boyscout Clark and Billionaire Playboy Bruce" together in the next Man of Steel movie sequel; since a poorly planned Wonder Woman movie just might crash and burn faster than a speeding bullet...