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When you hear the term "Ogre", chances are, your mind will drift to the World Of Warcraft and their green monstrous-looking beings. That can be viewed as one particular artistic vision. And even the classic cartoon from 1985, Disney's Gummi Bears, had a host of Ogres, while the 3D character "Shrek" is also an Ogre. And in the DSNG Sci Fi Megaverse, the Ogres do exist. But they are completely different, in terms of their genetics and appearances.

Here are some sample concept art posters showing Ogres that I gathered from around the web: 


So what is an Ogre? Simply put, the Ogres in DSNG are hybrid beings. Remember, in the DSNG tales, there are 7 major planets: Erion, Avera, Taran, Macur, Scalata, Planoris and Entrados. If you're familiar with this blog, then I'm sure that you've already met the four-armed Scalatans in the former articles; and you've also seen the Entradans in another archived blog post.
So the Ogres are actually a genetic mixture of Scalatans and Entradans. And this is where the unique style of the DSNG Ogres comes into play.
The Scalatans have horns, four arms, four eyes [or even six eyes] and sharp "dorsal spikes" on their backs that can sprout to yield Gargoyle-like wings. Plus the Scalatans have red, purple, magenta and even pink skin. Conversely, the Entradans have just two arms and two feet, while they can be endowed with mystic abilities; plus some Entradans are Lizardians. And the Entradans have red, blue, orange and golden  skin.
So when aliens from those two disparate races mate and produce offspring, the hybrid child ends up being stronger and tougher than his/her parents. And that mixed Ogre child may have multiple horns, two arms, four arms, four eyes, three eyes, or even just one central eye, etc.

Some Ogres are giants, while others are regular-sized humanoids. And they all have teeth that can morph into sharp fangs, at the speed of thought.

In the latest ebook DSNG Book 14, one of the main plots is an adventure that involves a small band of Ogres, namely Sokov Schwarz, Odesa Montegra, and Go-Ran. Two other Ogres introduced are named Zandin and Zamrah.

As you can see in the sci fi poster / wallpaper below, the DSNG Ogres are far more sophisticated in their appearance than the standard Ogres that you find in other video game and entertainment franchises. Remember that DSNG is set in a sci fi world; thus everyone and everything created has to fit, in terms of the technology that exists.

Most of the Ogres are usually considers as Entradans. and their home world Entrados is referred to as a Steampunk World, where dragons and draco-hounds exist like roaming wild horses, in certain regions. But of course, the magic spells projected from law enforcement units keep those wild creatures in check, so they don't wreak havoc on the populations within the city districts.

 As hybrid beings, the Ogres are not dumb and clumsy; instead they are extremely sharp and gifted. And whenever you see the word "gifted" in the DSNG tales, think of it as an acronym for: "having one or more super abilities".

Standing at 6 feet 8 inches tall, Sokov is a former high-school basketball player. And currently he's an ex-con and an independent mercenary. Odesa is Sokov's sexy girlfriend [although she calls him "Master" and the reason for that issue is explained in Book 14]. I know he looks cool and she looks sexy, but I must inform you that these two characters are actually.... ruthless villains.
Honestly, Sokov is a bad guy with a good heart; he's a villain, but he is a father and a thinker, who considers his opportunities very carefully... so he'll even work with the good guys, if he views such a partnership as a means to making immense profits.
Odesa is much younger than Sokov, while she has 4 eyes. They both have super-strength, plus some other special abilities. For instance, Sokov can see in the dark, while he has a mystical Super-mode ability tagged as Wild Coyote Reign.
On the other hand, Zandin is a hefty fierce guy and he's about 6 feet 10 inches tall. He has distinctive horns on his forehead, which help to make him more intimidating to his foes. Zandin is married to Zamrah, and she's a beautiful blonde four-armed female Ogre. As shown in the poster above, Zamrah is voluptuous and muscular. Plus she has a diamond-shaped birthmark in the core of her forehead, while she has golden skin like an Averan [and Zamrah gets to meet Azzar in the latest Book 14]. Zandin and Zamrah own a weapons manufacturing firm called Trigun Lancer Weapons Systems.  And they are both villains, who parade as corporate executives.
[Prince Azzar is shown on the right, manifesting his Super-mode ability, slightly similar to the Super-saiyan ability in DBZ]

Often my loyal fans forget that there are four different Scalatan clans, who have slight phenotypical differences. Plus there's an archived article that you should also check out, which shows another concept art poster with three female Scalatans, who all look different [HERE]. That blog link will open up in a new window, and the poster in that article helps to reinforce the fact that the Ogres can have a wide variety of appearances, due to the vast diversity within their ancestral gene pool.

[ Shown on the left is Prince Azzar and Lady Lizbeth, from the latest ebook. Lizbeth is a female Newteron]

Now you can see that the art style and concept of Ogres in DSNG completely differs from the Ogres that you find in WOW, or any other MMORPG fantasy world!

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[The ebook is 750 pages, Rated M for Mature]

BTW, This Article is Part 24 of the DSNG Overview series. Part 23 is over HERE!