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The Distant Planet known as the Lost Realm…

The Delta Sector is the fourth quadrant in the ultramodern Makuran Galaxy, relative to the center of the system that hosts 7 major planets. And Entrados is the major planet in the Delta sector, located over 15 light years away from planet Avera [the resident world of Prince Azzar and the Centura elites].

[Steampunk sailboat cruiser / cruise ship from planet Entrados]

Entrados, the focal planet in a region colloquially tagged as The Lost Realm, is a world of myth and magic. And it can be broadly grouped as a Steampunk society per the sort of technology and attire that are interwoven into the culture of the planetary residents. Entradans are humanoids with sharp elf-like ears, bearing four limbs and having hair on their epidermal layers. And their skin tones are distinct, majorly being shades of red, blue and orange. Some of their people have tribal markings on their faces or foreheads, acquired prior to birth through genetic transfers. And several Entradans have mystical abilities, which they acquire via transferred knowledge from their ancestors. Their planetary population is mostly indigenous, although there are a host of female Nauticons on that planet. Commonly having skin tones that are shades of azure [a midday sky-like tone between blue and cyan] and lavender-blue, the wondrous aquatic Nauticons originate from the water world, Macur.
Below we have concept art showing the sort of layout found on Entrados, amidst mountainous regions. There are dragons and other mystical creatures on that world as well as Steampunk airships and dropships.

The central national government of Entrados is rather despotic. And the infamous woman known as the Red Witch is the sole autocratic dictator that rules over the entire planet. The origins of the Red Witch are quite vague, yet she is feared and respected because of her sadistic personality and her phenomenal magical powers. She doesn’t communicate much with the other monarchs located on the distant worlds in the rest of the Makuran galaxy. But her choice of personal isolation is something that her peers in foreign leadership positions have grown to respect, since she owes them no explanation for marginalizing herself.

The DSNG Galaxy Map shows Entrados and its three small satellites: Regalis 1, 2 and 3. Yet one of those satellites has been destroyed, thus only two orbiting spherical colonies currently remain [and there is a fourth larger green world called Kasaros, which remains tidally locked as it orbits Entrados]. Per the location of a small yellow dwarf in the heart of the Delta quadrant called Alpha Ro, there is a recurring daily cycle of daylight and nighttime—although all of the Entradans commonly see more than one sun in the sky during the fixed cycles, per their planet's proximity with the neighboring Gamma sector and its sun.

There are several popular characters that hail from Entrados, who are featured in DSNG Chronicles Book 1 and also in the other 5 ebooks.

Lady Azda, the Golden Wasp

One of the popular characters is a female warrior named Azda Makeshdag. Residing on planet Avera, Azda is a powerful muscular woman and she is an MMA instructor and fitness trainer. Over her illustrious career as a wrestler, coach and gladiator, the strong Entradan woman has visited every major planet in the Makuran Galaxy and she has a wealth of knowledge tied to combat strategies and the utilization of melee weapons.


[Azda in her classic golden gladiator gear in the third poster. There are three extra blades strapped to her dorsal side]

Having an impressive muscular physique, a curvy butt and an ample bosom, Azda stands at 6 feet 2 inches tall and she is over 400 years old; even though she looks like a strong alien woman in her mid-40s with a motherly persona. Remember, most of the wondrous aliens & eldritch beings in the DSNG sci fi series don't age like humans. 

There are several rumors about Azda, since she is viewed as a living legend. Some critics believe that she is the clandestine trainer of Kinera Foxx, the infamous, busty, foul-mouthed Golden Assassin – since Azda has lived on planet Taran in the past and she used to be known as the Golden Wasp Warrior during her successful tenure as a gladiator, over a century ago. At that time she was good friends with a mighty fighter known as Phelix; and they were part of the active roster of fighters tied to a gladiatorial firm called The Brass Ring Incorporated. After that Delta sector firm went bankrupt over 185 years ago, the Brass Ring was purchased by the Galactic Gladiator Federation.

After retiring from that fighting career, her immense strength rapidly earned her a coaching job in MSU – a prominent Ivy League college located on planet Avera – which she led to over ten wrestling championships. And it wasn’t long before she became a celebrity fitness instructor. She is also the one that helped to train the female Alpha Senturi Commander named Yatalia Yentoshima, guiding her in advanced Muay Thai techniques.

There are several individuals who think she is the stepmother of the current King of Avera. That popular rumor is actually incorrect.... because Azda is the true birth mother of King Titron, since she was the beloved private consort of his famous father, King Valon Omenus – Prince Azzar’s uncle.

Having a small library within her own home, she is a very wise woman with a rabid thirst for knowledge and she also has a big heart. She can be very sweet, but after she gives a final warning, she’s been known to break the bones of her foes in acts of retaliation and self-defense. Per her astonishing genetics, she had never been sick a day in her life; thus she appears to have a constantly upbeat personality, since she values life, camaraderie and love. Azda is not a superhuman being that can fly and project fireballs like her regal son. But she still has what many have labeled as “superhuman strength”. Yet some critics have said that her huge motherly heart is probably her greatest weakness.

Currently Azda runs a massive multistory training facility/dojo called the Golden Fist Martial Arts Center, while she is also a combat consultant to the Centura military forces. And her enduring daily quest for knowledge continues...

Nezako Notshin!

Having a foul mouth and a short temper, Nezako is a feisty female MMA trainer and talent manager. Outspoken and extremely extroverted, she makes her stunning debut in the pages of DSNG Chronicles Book 1. And she inadvertently becomes an overnight celebrity after a questionable Youtube-styled video featuring her and some other guy goes viral on the IP-Net [an ultramodern version of the World Wide Web].

I will not tell you what the brief viral video showcased; you’ll have to read the Mature Rated ebook and find out :)

Nezako hails from Entrados, while her mother was and still is a dear friend of Azda’s. She has extremely powerful legs and she is a master of a host of judo, karate and jujitsu submission techniques. Standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall, she is short, quick-witted and very curvy, having the dress measurements of 32DD-24-42. She is casual friends with a filthy rich Scalatan female called Voxxana, who works for the GNN. And she has a huge crush on Don Oden, one of the handsome Alpha Senturi Captains, who is extremely soft spoken and quiet. Don and Nezako meet in DSNG Chronicles Book 3 and they swiftly form a candid bond, even though they are completely opposites in terms of their personalities. And as time goes by it becomes obvious that in some cases, opposites really do attract…

[Above: Nezako, riding on a futuristic concept motorcycle / hoverbike, while below is a wallpaper of Azda and Nezako]

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