Thursday, November 17, 2016


All right guys, I've finally transported the Transformer pics from my smart phone to my PC. And after adding the watermarks and adjusting the lighting, I can now share them. But to appreciate the custom transformer, you have to know what it looked like before the new paint job and the added accessories [I've built and added the Gatling gun and extra shoulder missiles from some Gundam toys to this customized Transformer, while the Star-saber was bought online as well. Plus there is a side blaster cannon added to his left leg].

The original base model for this custom toy was the "Combiner Wars Leader Class Ultra Magnus toy"; it has a powder blue / Easter blue color, and... it almost looks like he's not wearing any pants, or undies...
Anyway, I had to color him all over, with silver, ultramarine blue, red and some white... and even his shoes got some silver paint [shown in the side view]. Plus the back of his pants were colored blue, after adding some putty to fill in the hollow spaces back there. The two black weapons that he came with, shown in the before pic, had to be colored white as well. Honestly, I've never transformed this guy. And I probably won't... but yeah, he isn't glued tight, so he can change to a hefty vehicle carrier-truck thingy. Its just that I had no interest in the mack-truck mode, for the customization that I had in mind.
Often I drill holes into the Transformer, for the small weapon / missile peg insertions, so that extra guns can be attached to the toy; and other times, I just glue them on, when I know that it won't hinder mobility / articulated movements. And sometimes, luckily, the toy comes with extra holes for the insertion of weapons.
This Ultra Magnus toy came with a tiny headmaster, the little white car, which transforms into a small robot pilot that can sit inside his chest. I don't really care about it, but I show it off anyway ;)
And the very last pic shows a custom Large Hammer [Forge of solace Prime], built upon the smaller warhammer frame that was sold with the TF Prime Ultra Magnus toy.

This was my first TF kitbash model, and I've done about 8 of them so far this year... I don't know if I will post all of them in this blog; only time will tell. But so far, this Battle-Magnus and the SixBlade Windblade fembot that was teased at the DSNG Instagram and Tumblr  pages will be added, one after the other.




Stay tuned for more, and the article on the SixBlade Windblade fembot has been posted HERE!