Thursday, November 17, 2016


All right, this fembot is one of my favs... and you'll have to check out the before and after pics, to truly appreciate what happened in the final custom job.
There were actually 3 fembot Transformers sacrificed to create the final product [two Windblades "red" and one Chromia "blue"], in addition to Gundam parts and a borrowed heavy blaster cannon from Generations Leader Jetfire.
Thus my "central chassis" is built upon the body of Chromia, but the arms and legs are from Windblade.

And for those who care about base-model details / specs, there are two different Windblade toys that have been released by Hasbro [in the US] and Takara Tomy [over in Japan]. One is the "Transformers Generations 2014 model", while the other is the "Transformers 2015 Robots in Disguise model". I used the former [the first one, which has super-horrible legs that can't really stand up for the cool poses]. Thus I had to buy some new cool rear heels from the website, where 3D models are printed by TF fans for other fans.

And I had to buy some extra swords [the fancy samurai blades] from China via a kind seller on ebay [the stuff almost got lost in the mail, and the Chinese guy was willing to send me a fresh set, for free... but luckily they arrived a few days late].

I honestly did not like the Windblade toy when I first saw her. But after the custom kitbash job, she became one of my favs. And for those who are curious: no, she can't transform. She is a cool display piece, and that's what I wanted to make. Also, I didn't give her a golden face, since it just didn't look right per my tests... but now, the blue gem in the sword matches her blue face and the top of her rear motorcycle wheel. The colors used for the paint job were two shades of gold, two shades of red, brown and black. And the rear windshield on her back, which was fully transparent like glass [made from white plastic] had to be painted fully black, inside and outside.
Her former slightly transparent sword was colored fully purple, and I had two of them from the two Windblade base models [they are now holstered at her hips].
At one point, during the lengthy photoshoot, she fell over backwards.... but she instantly balanced herself, via all the sword sheaths sticking out of her rear, so I just kept taking the damn photos while she held herself in position! LOL

Also, I thought of adding a ninja-like golden Optimus Prime mouth-guard to her... I dunno if I'll still do it. Such small things can easily be created from the plastic case that comes with the toy, when you utilize a curved corner and cut it down to size and then glue it onto her face, to cover her mouth... I got that tip from another veteran toy customizer. Over the course of this year, I've also learned to use other small household items to customize TF weapons [making hem bigger or longer], and that sort of endeavor is quite cool and takes some creative thinking ;)

Check out the pics of SixBlade Windblade below and the last image shows her with her buddy, Battle-Magnus, who was posted in the former blog article HERE





Thanks for looking and stay tuned for more!