Monday, July 2, 2018


Some of my longtime fans know who this guy is. For those who don't know him, his name is Aiden Wolf and he is one of the focal characters in the DSNG Sci Fi Series. He is categorized as a Paragon. And they are supreme ancient beings, like Angels, Ghouls, Fairies, Centaurs, Minotaurs etc. And they existed before the modern times of the other popular characters like the super-soldier Prince Azzar, the main protagonist of the sci fi ebooks. And the first ebook was published back in 2010.

Aiden is the young God of Justice, and he is one of the five Paragon Generals [plus he's the youngest General, since the others are old enough to be his parents]. He is categorized as a Wind-walker, while other elite Paragon warriors can be categorized as Earth Masters, Aqua Lords etc. And Aiden has a special transformation ability called Boss Mode. His personality is rather like that of a trusting child; he is very trusting and he has a strong sense of justice... think of Lion-O, that kind of guy, who isn't super-mature, but he has a ton of responsibility on his shoulders.

The Paragons [the Tier-1 beings] and they have destructive god-like powers [think of the giant fire-balls that destroy mountains in a series like DBZ]. And these ancient beings existed in the Makuran Galaxy, when the 7 major worlds were still young. And per their long lives, the Paragons often get to interact with the mortals [the Tier-3 beings]. And sometimes they breed with the mortals, since they are shape-shifters; and those offspring end up being gifted individuals. The Paragons can almost be categorized as immortals that just keep on living; since they only die via decapitations from their peers, or from destructive blasts sent by other potent beings.

And the DSNG ebooks are all Mature tales, so you get to see the raw / uncensored action, drama and romance... yes indeed :)

Aiden was shown prominently on the cover of DSNG Book 17, which is available for download to your PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc, over HERE.

The toy base model for Aiden was ML Peter Parker Spider-man and Speed-demon, and I had to give him new legs and sculpt a ton of details. His lower legs came from Ironman, and a lot of putty & sculpting was added [anything that was colored metallic-gray was added to his boots]. His gauntlets, thigh straps, chest emblem, belt, shoulder-pad, and hair all had to be sculpted. His jacket and hands came from Star Lord and some of its details were sculpted as well. The big sword is a Dr. Wu Transformers sword, while I added a katana blade to his back, which is held via a connecting 5mm magnet linked to its sheath. There is a weathered cloth tied to his left bicep, and the  cloth on his left thigh was sculpted. I took some liberties in the toy design, since this is my Original Character ;)

The blog article that talks more about DSNG Book 17 is over HERE. Enjoy and Share!