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The Makuran Galaxy...

Infinite possibilities exist within the endless well of space. The Sun is one of the major stars in the Milky Way. And the Milky Way is part of a compact solar system. Yet there are other identified solar systems, distant neighbors within our spiral galaxy. And if the climatic conditions are right, then there just may be living creatures - commonly tagged as extraterrestrials - existing on other planets within habitable solar systems.

The DSNG sci fi series is set in an alternate plane, called the Makuran Galaxy. There are four major sectors in this comprehensive system: the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta sectors. And there are seven major worlds in this galaxy, where diverse alien races thrive and coexist.

The Seven Major Planets:
  • Erion
  • Avera
  • Taran
  • Macur
  • Scalata
  • Planoris
  • Entrados
UPDATE FOR March 2014: A brand new Global Map for planet Avera has been uploaded, in this new article over HERE!

Life in Deep Space

Sentient life flourishes within the colonized worlds of the Makuran galaxy, which spans about 20 light years from one end to the other. The resident eldritch species interact with one another, since the application of the principles behind advanced quantum physics fused with viable nanotech breakthroughs have made this distant galaxy a smaller place.

[Above: Two Advantor X-50 hyper jets, belonging to the Centura - the intrepid military force of planet Avera]

Via armadas, cruisers, hyper jets and large Class3 dropships, humanoids are able to charter/commission IP-flights [Interplanetary journeys] and travel between the planets for the reason of commerce, sight seeing and other interactive endeavors. Various space stations and gigantic docking ports have been established between the worlds, in order to provide refueling and rejuvenation facilities for the travelers and their transports.

And while some merely travel, other vessels sponsored by mega corporations embark on exospheric mining ventures, in order to harvest the plethora of precious stones, valuable ores and minerals embedded within the depots of frosted asteroids and vacant moons that orbit huge gas giants.

A flourishing terrestrial world currently established with an overseeing monarchy, planet Avera is the focal world in the Makuran Galaxy. As a unified planet, Avera has six continents, populated with several different ethnicities. Having a sole colonized moon, Avera is established in the region of space tagged as the Beta sector. And her highly-mechanized sister planet, Taran, has three moons.

The Prince of Avera

Prince Azzar Omenus is the main protagonist of the DSNG CHRONICLES. He resides in the Imperial Palace, on planet Avera. Rising over 2 kilometers from the street surface, the heavily fortified palace is located in the heart of New Romania, the focal continent of the planet. The entire series revolves around Azzar and his closest associates.

 [From left to right: Casey Trent, Azzar Omenus, and Vince Garroth]

Often trust is a hard trait to find in people, when one ascends to lofty heights within a lucrative career field. And its even harder to discern those associates that appreciate a man's personality more than his wealth, when the man considered is of royal descent.

Prince Azzar's closest associates have proven their loyalty to him over time, and that is why Vince Garroth and Casey Trent are individuals that the Prince holds dear to his heart.

Like Azzar, Vince is a super soldier. And he is a respected Commander within the ranks of the Alpha Senturi. Casey is Azzar's personal assistant. As his reliable secretary, she handles a host of scheduling and organizational tasks on his behalf from her office in the palace.

[On the left: Scenery showcasing the cityscape of Armania, the capital city district of New Romania]

Advanced modular construction methods have made the establishment of complex structures and sky towers an extremely basic feat to accomplish on Avera - especially with heavy machinery that have hovercraft capabilities. A basic example of this construction technique is shown Here.

Being strong willed and bold, Azzar is rather an introvert; and he's even more closed to those who are not familiar with him. He is the Senior Commanding Officer [SCO] of the Centura - the renowned military of the unified planet. And he possesses the gift of flight and thermal energy projection from his epidermal layers, primarily his palms. The genetic arrangements behind this unique trait are outlined in the DSNG e-books.

Yet Azzar doesn't vaingloriously parade the neo-industrial cities as a super hero. He's not the only gifted man in the galaxy. There are many like him even within the ranks of the Centura. And not all gifted beings choose to take the side of justice.

The eternal struggles between good and evil abides within the bands of the Beta sector, and there is a terrorist faction known throughout the Makuran galaxy for striking terror via large-scale assaults, while utilizing massive mechanized monstrosities [which can ravage over land or forge through the seas] to accomplish their sadistic objectives. That criminal conglomerate is known as the Gorilla Rebel Militia. And their supreme clandestine leader, known simply as the Overlord, has a ruthless vendetta against the Prince of Avera...

Stay tuned for more details on the DSNG CHRONICLES!

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