Monday, January 7, 2019


You made it!! Happy New Year guys!!!
First, here’s some behind-the-scenes artwork featuring Mya Funke Inaki from the DSNG Sci fi Series! Mya is actually a former villain linked to the faction known as the Mega Wolves, but she has a loyal heart and a motherly soul. She usually sports two afro puffs, but sometimes she just lets her afro sit on her head. In some other pics, I draw her with her sci fi combat gear.

In the DSNG tales, Mya is currently linked to a group of mercenaries, who often show up to get gritty jobs done – and they work for the highest bidder, so they can either be classified as good or bad guys. And as a super-human being, Mya has a powerful secret morphing ability, which can transform her limbs or her entire body. And Mya has extremely powerful legs, so she can fracture the arms and legs of her foes via a few direct Muay Thai strikes. Her kicks are as powerful as those of Tezmona the gladiator [aka Tezzy, who was featured in the four-part ebook  DSNG War Games storyline].
I'll post the two finished pics of Mya later in this blog and at Facebook & Instagram. And There's more colored art of Mya over Here, and her custom 6-inch action figure is Here!

 All right, now that the new year is kicking off, I’ll give you some brief tips to motivate you. Consider them as 7 pointers, brief and incisive, to guide you on your new journey.

1. Leave the past in yesterday – The new year is new beginning. Don’t let the old failures or old relationships hold you back. Press on.
Yes, you can do it. This year, you can make it. You will win if you don’t quit! Hard times come to those who are carriers of great destiny. And you, my friend, are Great! You must believe that you can succeed against all the odds, because I guarantee you that there’s someone else out there older than you, maybe in a foreign country, who has succeeded in the years past, and they had less than what you have!

2. Write down your goals – This sounds basic, but it serves as a guide / road map for you. The list doesn’t have to be long. Just do your best this year to get the written things done. Print them out and put them on your mirror, or on the inside of your bedroom’s door. And even if you don’t get them all done, at least they will be a measuring stick for your progress.

3. Forge new alliances & break the bad ones – Some friends are worth having, while others are best to let go of, especially when they don’t motivate you to be better. Some friends actually don’t want you to excel in life, lest you become too big / successful for them to mentally handle. Beware of those who Never say: “Well done!”, when they see your exceptional work.
I’ve had to cut a lot of people off because of that stuff. I was always congratulation them, yet they could never do the same, even when my art clearly outclasses theirs… turns out that they were jealous. And jealous people are really not your true friends.

4. Find a mentor – If you’re a technician, an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a student or an artist, make sure that you have a mentor that you observe and emulate at school or at work. You don’t have to be exactly like them, but you can certainly learn from them, especially from their mistakes. For instance, anyone who wants to be as great as the late Stan Lee should carefully study his work, his creative style and his personal character. Remember that Spiderman’s popularity was tied o the fact that he was a friendly neighborhood kind of guy, whom a lot of people could relate to…

5. Be more than a spectator – These days, we're all bombarded with a ton of social media offerings, from Twitter to Facebook and Instagram, and even sites like Twitch and Discord for gamers. Beyond watching others perform, you can also have a social Youtube page of your own, or something else on another site with your own creative posts. You don’t have to be popular. Just do something of your own, which will keep you creative in your free time. If your hands are weak, then speak and record your voice, while reading stuff that you like, or making jokes on your channel, as commentary for life or the news. Or you could talk and give commentary, for the movies that you like.
BTW, if you have a family, then spend time with them, since that's more valuable than being a star on Youtube ;)

6. Forgive and press on – Honestly, not every past year ends on a good note. And if someone hurt you last year, please forgive them. I don’t know what they did to you, and I’m sorry that it happened to you; but it would be wise to let them go. Maybe they were completely wrong… maybe you were both kinda wrong. But please, drop the grudge and let it go. What they sow, they will reap, at the right time. You may have to cut them off completely, if they are toxic. You may even have divorce them, I dunno.
But you may also have to keep talking to yourself, anytime they enter your mind; and just keep telling yourself: “It’s over I have forgiven them and moved on!”
If you keep saying stuff like that, even when you don’t feel like it, your mind will start believing it. I know what it’s like to record my voice saying stuff and play it on my computer as I work, just to force negative / depressing thoughts out of my mind. It worked… after many months of talking to myself… so don’t give up!

7. Laugh, damn it! – When you have the time, seek out humor and brief funny vids online, and if possible, do so every day! Look for comedians from other races and diverse backgrounds, and observe their culture and what makes them laugh. I’m sure you’ll find out that laughter is one of the things that every person around the world can share, regardless of their cultural heritage. Laughter also helps to fight depression, because a joyful mind can’t stay down for long.
On Youtube, look up the classics of Def Comedy Jam and BET’s Comic View [some of that stuff is raunchy / raw, but it’s funny as hell]. So if it’s funny, then laugh! And have a great year!