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Most DSNG fans are already familiar with Elena Eden. Another prominent female in the sci fi series is Yatalia. As a part of the Centura, she is a Commander in the ranks of the Alpha Senturi division. And she heads multiple black-ops missions, under the umbrella of the Centura Special Forces Command [CSFC].


Yatalia Yentoshima is shown here performing a Muay Thai high kick; the move is executed midway as the image is captured. She can actually convert this into a standing roundhouse kick if she twists her foundation, while swinging her lead foot in an arc. She was designed with really powerful legs and strong thighs. In a way, she is similar to the video game character named Chun Li [per their physiques, not their personalities], but Yatalia is probably 10-times stronger and faster, since she is a superhuman soldier.

Yatalia can defy gravity at will and project fireballs from her hands, and she can also encase her feet in blazing cocoons of bio-thermal energy, enhancing the effectiveness of her Muay Thai leg strikes. Often Yatalia sports various tattoos; but her selected body-paint is usually temporal, since her tastes change rather frequently. She isn't part of the Top 5, although she is just as fierce as those 5 elite Centura soldiers when it comes to kickin' ass; since she is a fearless female warrior with a focused mindset.

Above in the First Row: Yatalia in her sexy Neo-Gothic attire, bearing a katana blade and its sheath. in the third image, she's loading the cartridge into a VWS handgun.
And in the Second Row: she's wearing some really short shorts... and her right arm is cluttered with a host of temporal tattoos. In the last pic, she's shown wearing a variant of her sleek female Alpha Senturi armor, as she wields a Ciko handgun. Straps, buckles, latex corsets, chokers and laces are common elements interwoven into her preferred clothing style. And yes, baby got back... so most of her outfits show off her thighs and her butt.

She was featured in the short story titled DSNG TALES: UNUSUAL SUSPECT currently available at Amazon for $.0.99 [for a limited time]. And fans were given a candid look at her personality via that action/adventure tale.

Check out this video compilation of a martial artist called Tony Jaa, a Muay Thai fighter from Thailand. I respect him, because he clearly does his own stunts most of the time - due to his incredible athleticism.

Tony's strikes are a lot harder upon impact than they look. A vicious knee strike is more than twice as hard as a clenched fist, per the hardened bones in that lower joint. And when it comes to execution in Muay Thai, its all about having the perfect technique, versus being the biggest dog in the fight.


Artwork of Chun Li on the left from Super Street Fighter games, done by Omar Dogan. Her pose appears to almost be Muay Thai, although her fighting style is Kung Fu. The middle pinup of Chun Li was done by "hdy9108", another DA artist. And Cammy is shown on the right [drawn by artist Markova], showing off her big butt. She does have extremely powerful legs, which are vital assets for Muay Thai fighters.

With heavy influence from Muay Thai, some of the best knockouts in the defunct WEC and the UFC have come from hard kicks delivered by MMA fighters, who literally rattled the jaw of their opponent, thus discombobulating them completely. Mirko Cro cop, Anderson Silva, Lyoto Machida, Jon Jones, and Anthony Pettis are amongst the fighters that come to mind when I envision vicious kicks that have knocked the hell out of unfortunate opponents. And you can probably find their vids on Youtube.

Muay Thai; Art-of-8

Muay Thai is often regarded as "the art of eight limbs": two fists, two feet, two elbows, two knees. And the very word "Muay Thai" consists of eight alphabetic letters. Some with light knowledge of the art merely tag it as kick boxing, but the roots of the contact sport from Thailand run much deeper than that. The Siamese people [ancient inhabitants of the land of Thailand, dating back to about 250 BC] appear to have been the originators of the combat artfrom, which they probably presented as a fusion of physical and spiritual techniques. The physical involved the strikes, and the spiritual involved their inner focus as ardent Buddhists. Even beyond fighting, there are breathing techniques that the teachers instructed their students upon, in order to help them fully oxygenate their muscles.

Some historians believe that Muay Thai was just a sport that the ancient kings in the land south of China initiated as their main form of entertainment, almost like a singular Olympic games. Other believe that it was a carefully harnessed series of techniques solely created for combat in wars, intended for use when a Siamese soldier lost hold of his blade weapon, or ran out of arrows.

Various Siam rulers dating back to the 1500s appeared to have been strong advocates for the practice of Muay Thai techniques. Look up King Narusean [1555 -1605]; and also some guy colloquially called "The Tiger King" aka King Prachao Sua [1697 - 1709].
Most of the kids/young adults in the West are aware of Muay Thai and its basis as a sport from Thailand, because of an old arcade video game called Street Fighter II. And the character named Sagat was practically an ambassador for that particular type of martial art.

You probably should not count on Wikipedia to uncover a detailed history of Muay Thai - they give you more of a history of the rulers in the land south of China. Try this Web site instead:

Also check out this vid that shows competitive Muay Thai in the 21st century, featuring a guy named Cyrus Washington. He literally knocks out the teeth of his opponent, right before the end of round 1:

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