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A Summary of Operation Raven Wings-3:

The fourth volume of the dynamic sci fi series was released last week. And this blog article is designed to give DSNG fans a bit of insight into what it's all about, along with showcasing some character bios.
Per its format, the DSNG Series is continuous, and it can be stretched on indefinitely. Thus when Book 1 ends / gets to its finish-line, Book 2 receives the baton and just keeps sprinting with the vision. Each downloadable ebook is between 350 - 500 pages and have a few inked pics at the end. And eventually they'll be hardback as well, for those who are avid novel collectors.


The key issue about the series is that each book is a stand-alone story.
And Book 4 is one of those volumes that you can read, even though you may be new to the entire concept.

DSNG Chronicles Book 4: Operation Raven Wings-3 is a story of espionage and covert activities, as the heroes attempt to infiltrate a weapons smuggling syndicate in the mega state of South Philadelphia. When the story unfolds, the undercover work and intel gathering has already progressed steadily for about a month. And now things are starting to heat up. As part of a black-ops team, there are four elite operatives hard at work in the field, and they are led by the female Alpha Senturi soldier named Commander Yatalia Yentoshima.

Yatalia is the Averan lady shown above on the cover of the ebook, and the main article on her was posted here:

The thing that most fans notice about the DSNG series is the fact that the scope of each storyline is very broad. There are several plights unfolding simultaneously, which give rise to an A-story and a B-story. Sometimes those disparate threads become intertwined, while in other books they remain separate, thriving as independent winding streams. And often those streams become rivers, which ultimate get terminated at abrupt thunderous waterfalls - intense action.

In this book, there is also a budding love story between an Alpha Senturi soldier and a lady who is oblivious to his lethal occupation. The guy is named Captain Payne Hall [one of the four elite operatives working for Yatalia's black-ops team] and the girl is called Catalina Whitehart. Catalina is a blonde female animan; she's part of an alien race that I haven't presented yet within the DSNG Overview blog posts. They are similar to the Katarans [the wolf-hybrid race], yet they have distinctions in their phenotype and hail from another planet. Catalina is a tall curvy woman, she stands at 6 feet 5 inches tall [excluding the height from her lioness ears], and she's an inch taller than Payne.
As the two characters interact, things gradually get complicated...


BTW, this sci fi series is rated M for Mature, per the violence and romance that is embedded within each tale.

Here is the pitch for Book 4, as presented at Amazon:


The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the fourth installment of the DSNG series!

While the golden assassin Kinera Foxx faces a precarious predicament upon one of the moons of Taran, a clandestine operation is going on within planet Avera, which involves a black-ops group from a branch of the Averan military called the Centura Special Forces Command, usually abbreviated as the CSFC.

Consisting of four major operatives, this black-ops group is headed by Commander Yatalia Yentoshima, who is a close friend of Prince Azzar Omenus [the main protagonist]. Like the Prince, Yatalia is a gifted Alpha Senturi soldier, who takes her job very seriously. Tactical strikes, undercover infiltrations and espionage missions are amongst the duties of the soldiers tied to her black-ops group. And this elite group often accomplishes its goals with questionable methods.

Often viewed as impetuous rogues with handguns, Yatalia’s group adamantly hides valuable intel from other branches of the military, boycotting them in order to ensure that their mission objectives are not compromised by mismanaged information and unchecked armed interventions. And sometimes they clash during field operations with other soldiers who are outside of their black-ops group. But they do what they must, in order to get the job done.

As the plight unfolds, two of Yatalia's undercover field operatives are on the brink of busting a weapons smuggling syndicate, which has been secretly thriving in the mega state of South Philadelphia. One of the operatives is charged with being the angel of death—his role is to initiate violence against the antagonists. And the other agent is tasked with the responsibility of earning the trust of the arms dealers, in order to expose their network and destroy them from within, like a lethal virus.

But before the mission has a chance to mature, something goes wrong, as an undercover agent is shockingly killed by the arms dealers. And now Yatalia and the members of her black-ops team have to scramble to gain control of the scenario before more innocent people are annihilated…

Meanwhile, King Titron Omenus [the cousin of Prince Azzar] is still hosting Lady Neena Nekasha, the matriarch of the Nauticon race. And as both of them embark upon a jungle tour to observe the natural habitat of the wildlife within the mega state of Dalterland, an ancient monstrosity is resurrected from its stoic grave. And this fierce gigantic monster threatens to annihilate the monarch, thus crippling the executive branch of the entire unified nation of Avera…  

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