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Smart and Sexy Lady...

Elena Eden is one of the unforgettable bubbly characters in the DSNG sci fi series. Take a closer look at the background images of this blog's template; she's the focal female you'll see. As a part of the original cast dating back to 2003, she's endured the test of time. And she still stands out, just like a priceless gem embedded in the heart of a radiant crown.

[Above: Elena Eden. She bears an uncanny resemblance to Nicole "Coco" Austin. Elena was drawn in the alluring Cheesecake art style. The article on that topic was posted over HERE]


[Above: Elena in a sexy bikini outfit; this poster is based on a photo-shoot. Those familiar with the artwork that Frank Cho did on Marvel's Shanna will be able to appreciate this as well]

Elena is a super model and an entrepreneur, who has used her popularity to build a personal affluent brand. She stands at 5 feet 10 inches tall and her dress measurements are 40F-26-44. She is energetic, extroverted and sassy. And she is currently dating one of The Top 5 Centura elites, General Obed Primon. Their personalities are actually rather opposite. Obed is fierce, focused and brash; while she is loud, comedic and playful.

[Above, Obed and Elena... Somehow they make it work]

She often comes across as a sort of bimbo, carrying herself in a manner that almost illustrates a surprising ignorance to her personal beauty. But beyond projecting a rather flirtatious character, she's a silent genius.

Elena is completely aware of her appearance, having inherited her physical beauty from her mother. And she knows exactly how to use her feminine charms and voluptuous curves to market a plethora of feminine care products and fancy merchandise for men, thus channeling wealth directly to her product sponsors.

Elena grew up in New Romania without fatherly support. Having come from humble roots, she has two younger sisters. And her single mother, Lady Nadia Eden, is currently part of the Grand Council: a body of wise psychic elders that serve as supreme judges, residing at the head of the judicial branch of the national government.

Her resume is quite diverse. Having worked as a waitress, a teacher and a dancer, she understands what a demanding daily hustle is all about. She's learned how to manage her resources and developed immense mental strength over the years. And at this stage, she's a bit reluctant to admit to her peers that she's lost track of her incredible bank account.

Her beautiful face graces giant e-billboards across planet Avera and she's even showcased on product displays hosted within the major commercial centers of the sister world in the Beta Sector, planet Taran. And her famous curves have also earned her a premier spot as one of the most featured cover girls in Averan history.


[Above: Elena Eden puckers up, at a photo shoot]

Elena has her own lipstick brand, along with a facial cream. And she has a thriving clothing line.
Her popularity has made her close to the royal family. She is a personal friend of Prince Azzar. Her cousin, Wes, is also an elite soldier; while Wes' sister, Bella, is married to the King.

Some critics have viewed her as an unworthy overnight success, while others tag her as a rich snobby seductress. But she really doesn't care what people call her; she's too busy having fun and living her dream. 

Elena is smart and sexy. Yet she is fully oblivious to the fact that her success is an offensive stigma to the ruthless Gorilla Rebel Militia. And that means she's got a huge target on her forehead....

[Elena Eden, posing as a "Sexy Pawg" Sith Lord with a red light saber]

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