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Most fan boys know Joanna Shari, one of the popular urban hip-hop models who is half-Italian and half-American. Standing at 5 feet 3 inches tall and having the dress measurement of 36-26-41, Joanna was born in 1986 [she is now 26 years old] and she resides in the NY / NJ area. She commonly does modeling for magazines along with photoshoots for annual calenders. She's been featured in King Magazine, Smooth Mag, Showcase, XXL, Mixed Mag and a host of others. I've posted several pinups of Joanna in this blog; and I often use her as a drawing reference for creating posters of the female characters in the DSNG sci fi series.


One of those sexy characters is Mrs. Asumi Kojima. And she was introduced in DSNG Chronicles Book 7. Although she has an hourglass figure and a sultry appearance, Asumi is actually a villain. She is an affluent business woman, the CEO of Zanja Design Corporation - a company that produces a wide variety of upscale baggage items. And she is also married to filthy rich business man called Mr. Kojima, who has a large weapons smuggling syndicate in the mega state of South Philadelphia [one of the six mega states on planet Avera]. Asumi Kojima has dress measurements of 34DD-24-43 and she is 5 feet 5 inches tall, although she is fond of wearing heeled pumps to boost herself in height.


Asumi is shown above. And Shiro-Kira's costume was designed to resemble a sleek Japanese karate uniform. It's almost a female Assassin's Creed costume, but far more futuristic.


In the DSNG Book 7 storyline, through a covert associate named Mr. Zen, Asumi is introduced to Carl Rozenberger, the director of the NCI - the National Crime Investigation Agency, which is similar to the FBI. And with much effort, Carl cajoles her into taking up a gritty job on his behalf. Therefore, Asumi is sponsored to take up her alternate identity: thus she becomes the assassin Shiro-Kira. Shiro-Kira is a martial arts expert, skilled in the legendary White Lotus combat technique.... one of the two special techniques taught by an old martial arts instructor known as Sensei Yamaguchi. The Sensei is Asumi's uncle and he was introduced first in the short 150-page story titled DSNG TALES: UNUSUAL SUSPECT. And the overview of that story with pictures is over HERE.

Although she is a caring mother of 3 adult children [she doesn't look like a milf, but she actually is; since she gained some extra weight after she had the kids], Asumi also has a vicious side, since her uncle trained her in lethal martial arts for many years, dating back to her high school and college days. Asumi is also extremely clever. And as a fighter, she is always ready to fight dirty, in order to gain the victory. While most DSNG sci fi fans are familiar with Kinera Foxx the golden assassin [whose colors are mainly gold and yellow], yet Shiro Kira is also another formidable adversary, whose costume colors are white and gray.

You can download the 530-page ebook DSNG Book 7, where Asumi Kojima is included within the storyline over HERE!



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