Saturday, June 16, 2012


Optimus Prime represents everything great that a fanboy /fangirl aspires to become. Having debuted back in 1984 with the original Transformers G1 cartoon and toy-line, he is the revered leader of the Autobots, and the uncrowned Last Prime. I've assembled a list of 10 reasons why the TF fans respect him. Some are humorous, while others are insightful....

1. Prime has the fearless heart of a lion. He will always lead the charge against the Decepticons even when his Autobot forces are clearly outnumbered and outgunned. Plus he was created with the color scheme that makes him some sort of Robotic-Captain-America, so Westerners seem to automatically love him.

2. Prime Never gives up. Most fanboys will remember his immortal line from one of the first Transformers 2D cartoon movies: "One shall stand and one shall fall." Those are the words of someone who is willing to battle till their last breath.

4. Prime is a father figure. He seldom gets mad at his associates and subservient soldiers, even when they clearly F***-up, big time.

3. Prime is always willing to sacrifice himself for his friends..... Now this point bothers me, because it is clear that Optimus Prime will often have the tendency to "take one in the chest" for the team. He is so benevolent that he will actually stand in the way of incoming APRs and 30mm Heavy Artillery Shells, so that someone like Bumblebee will survive. Thing is, despite how bad-ass Bumblebee is in the Michael Bay movies with Sam-Wit-Whooty or whatever the hell that kid was named, Bumblebee's survival has nothing to do with the team's overall victory. Bumblebee is not a Prime, so he can't take on Megatron. Bumblebee can't open the Matrix of Leadership in order to "light the darkest hour"; and Bumblebee sure as hell can't awaken the giant robot city known as Metroplex, who is a legendary gigantic Autobot who is bigger than Omega Supreme. And Metroplex is programed to awaken and yield to the call of the Last Prime when needed [his wallpapers are below].

5. Prime has always been voiced by the same guy whenever iconic TF shows / movies / games are on the table. The name of that voice actor is Peter Cullen. Yes, you know him very well...You probably know him by voice, not by his face. You know him every time he speaks, just like you know Kieth David [Goliath from the Gargoyles cartoon].

6. Prime is a faithful robotic man; he is a one-woman-kinda-guy... thus he is traditional, dependable and "loyal to his wife and kids". Unlike Batman who is a renowned PLAYER, Optimus Prime has only had one official girlfriend / love interest since the onset of the Transformers cartoons. And her name is Elita-One [she is shown on the left]. And since we're on the topic of faithfulness to one woman, I dare say that Prime wanted MEGAN FOX to be in the last TF3 movie, just like I did!!

7. Prime has no time to cry over lost Decepticons. He cares for all Cybertronian robots, but he draws the line at caring for his foes, knowing how despicable they truly are.

8. Prime is the only Mack Truck with a trailer that turns into a freakin' battle station and weapons storage unit.

9. Optimus Prime never grows old.... and he seemingly never gets drunk on ENERGON Cubes. Look up that word and you'll see from the cartoon history that it is the true Gatorade of all Transformers, and some have literally been known to overdose on the good stuff, just like cold tempting brewskies.

10. Now I really don't care what religion you believe in; my biggest concern about people is their true character and dependability, as a friend / coworker. And having said that, most Christians know that Optimus Prime is one of the few heroes to ever die and later be raised from the dead [both in the movies and the cartoons], in order to save his goddamn robotic people... Now it doesn't get much more Iconic than that!!

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The following Transformers Fall of Cybertron Wallpapers are from one of the latest cinematic trailers uploaded at Youtube, showing Optimus Prime battling Megatron. Prime is loosing the fight, thus he is forced to summon Metroplex the Giant Robot City!




The highly anticipated Transformers: Fall of Cybertron video game launches on August 28th 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.
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