Monday, March 31, 2014


I don't post a lot of sketches from the drawing board, but today I decided to do this, just to show this stuff to some of the new fans of this manly blog... yes, this is a blog for guys [and some gals] that like comics, anime, hot chicks, sci fi action and explosions; and it was made by a guy that also feels entertained by those things :)

Anyway, the first fan art pic shows Prince Azzar and Chebeyah. And I've done several articles about them with colored posters, in the past.
Azzar is the main protagonist in the DSNG sci fi series, hence all of the tales in the 12 ebooks revolve around him and his associates. Azzar is an elite Alpha Senturi soldier and per his personality, he is quite unique; he is not a mild mannered Clark Kent kinda-guy, and neither is he a knock-off from Batman or a hot-headed snarky Wolverine. I'm proud to say that Azzar is unique, and per his super abilities, he can match up against the best of them.
Although there are five other super soldiers colloquially tagged as The Top 5 Centura elites, Prince Azzar isn't grouped among them. And that's not because he is inferior, but simply because he and his regal cousin, King Titron, are placed in a separate category. Azzar and Titron are tagged as the two most powerful beings on planet Avera, per comprehensive biothermal abilities such as speed, strength, flight, shield generation etc. But those who follow the story are aware that there are a host of other alien beings, like the Legendary Paragons and the Dinatours, who are more powerful than the regal cousins...

Now let's focus on the next character, a lovely female Kataran. Chebeyah is one of the Prince's associates, and she is actually the ex-girlfriend of Azzar's best friend - since Chebeyah was dating Commander Vince when the saga began. Later in the timeline of the series, Azzar and Chebeyah do start dating for a while, before some peculiar drama unfolds...

The last pic on the right shows a concept that I've been working on, for one of the alien races from planet Planoris, the icy world. Planoris is home to the Katarans [they are wolf-hybrid beings, like Chebeyah]. But that planet is also home to other wondrous races, like the giant Yetirons and the potent Dinatours [remember Ellystra, aka Elly, who was on the cover of DSNG book 6].
And another race that resides on Planoris is the Iglonoids, and that is the alien race that I was attempting to design on the right [or perhaps redesign, per lots of old sketches that I've never posted before]. Those fans familiar with the ebooks will probably recall a few names like "Rellia" and "A-Tron", who were presented in DSNG Book 10: Devious. And those two characters do hail from the mystic Iglonoid race.

Here is a brief reminder of the events in DSNG Book 10: Over on planet Avera, a female Scalatan CEO named Deelilah summoned Prince Azzar for protection and help, because of some threats she'd gotten from a guy named Darion Majors; that threat was linked to some Razerbacks - alien werewolves - that were on a rampage in the capital city. Thus Azzar was drawn into an explosive adventure, while Sargon [one of the Prince's mentees] was also involved with helping a sexy female Lizardian named Rebba.
But in that story, at the very beginning, over on planet Planoris both Rellia and A-Tron where showcased, as they entered into an alliance with some Kataran soldiers, in order to hunt down a certain four-armed assassin.

BTW, The Galactic Map showing the 7 major planets in the DSNG sci fi series is over HERE
While the new World Map showing planet Avera [the focal world] is over HERE

All right, I'll post more stuff from the drawing board later....