Saturday, September 16, 2017


This was another early custom that I did last year [2016], while transitioning from customizing Transformers to painting action figures [which requires more acute skills, in my opinion, per the smaller details].

Deathstroke is one of my fav DC Comics characters, since I only have about 5 - 7 characters in that short list of those that I Really like. His base was the Demolition Man / Scourge and his replaced left hand came from a WWE Basic Dolph Ziggler toy. I painted him with Blue Americana paints and Tamiya orange, and I also added brown Tamiya and some grays here and there. Even though I love creating customized body-armor with putty, Not too much sculpting was done on this one, but I did sand down his body before I started painting; so the "classic odd buttons" from the original Electro body-mold [which Scourge inherited per Marvel's laziness] were all removed from his lower torso, his chest and his thigh.

The gun holster and chest harness were all standard from Scourge, but the back of the toy needed a new sculpted holster for his large nightstick / hybrid-staff, which was custom-made from fodder and painted with gunmetal to make it stand out as metallic. And that holster / hole became a twin-functioning aperture, so that I could store a katana sword from Deadpool over there, whenever he was holding his nightstick. And if you study the back pics a little bit, you'll notice that I moved around his katana, since it can be stored in more than one place...

Plus I gave him the large laser blaster from from Marvel Legends Duke [the buff guy with the flag painted on his face].
His square-shaped belt buckle was sculpted and the dagger that hangs behind his body was moved over to his right thigh, and attached by a rubberband that was painted brown. Lastly, His shoulder-pads and the top-rims of his boots were sculpted with putty as well, along with the extra canisters that are strapped to his left bicep. One of the pics on the right shows a behind-the-scenes look at the light sculpting work that was done, before the painting stage began.

This custom toy turned out to be a fav of mine and a fun build, but I also built a second Deathstroke, which will be posted at a later time…



Hmm... You know what? That last pic is a duplicate, a double-shot that was posted on my new page at the Figure-Realm website. But you don't mind that issue, because you love this stuff, right? Of course you do, damn it! So stay tuned for more!! :)