Friday, September 8, 2017


I made this StrongArm toy last year as well [2016]. Initially, I didn't even want to buy the toy and work on this hobby project. It wasn't the price that bugged me; since it was under $20, via ebay. But it was the design that I didn't fully like.... but I pushed onward and I bought her, and I worked on her. And to my delight, she became one of my fav models, per her flexible joints and her slightly modified features that I implemented. The original toy to didn't have good hands, per her transformation style. Hence, I used a Transformers Prime Ratchet toy to give her some new shoulders & arms with new hands; and these new hands actually have "holes" in their bases, so that she can hold a sword if she needs to.

I wanted to make StrongArm into a Bad-Ass Autobot-SWAT officer, so I had to give her lots of weapons to reflect that issue. And one of the pics below shows her arsenal placed in front of her. And she can store / hold almost all of those weapons on her body, via her peg-holes, side-slots and her hands.

The only issue was, once I gave her the new hands, she could no longer transform properly. But that was fine with me, since I mostly make display models to stand with the others in my modest collection. I said modest, because I'm very picky about what I buy... I don't buy everything that I see, regardless of what the fanboys say about it. I have to personally like the toy's design, and often the design And the personality of the toy's cartoon character, before I buy it!
Because I'm picky damn it!!! ;)

Anyway, I repainted her with a special blue mixture of  acrylic paints, and I added several stickers to her. I also added the winged backpack from the Transformers Prime Voyager Class UItra Magnus toy. And then I repainted that jetpack with silver acrylic paints from Tamiya. Her boots were fully white, so I had to slightly repaint them with blue, in front and behind. Her new shoulder-pads were painted as well. Her weapons came from other Transformers [including the "twin-gun shield-blaster", sourced from the 3rd party Chinese company called Iron Factory]. And some weapons came from my Marvel Legends fodder. She even has two Captain America handguns that were inserted into her lower legs!

Her "inner shoulder joints" had to be sanded down, so that her two arms could be lifted and lowered, without forcing her chest-piece / boob-covers to pop open... if you have this toy, then you'll know what I mean.





Anyway, since she is an Autobot, the gallery of her created Decepticon opponent, Shockwave, was posted over Here!
Several other Transformers custom toys were previously posted in this blog, like:
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