Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Been posting a lot of old stuff lately. But this is something new... I built this sleek guy earlier this year [2017]. Deadshot is one of my fav DC Comics characters, and I like just between 5 to 7 of them, because I'm very picky ;)

And this Sniper Deadshot took a long time, per the details I added. The base figure was ML Captain America from the Civil War 3-pack. The modified head came from Disco Iron-Man [I think it's Mark 27] and the hands came from Marvel Legends Whirlwind. His body-armor was sculpted from putty, and his arm-cannons were sculpted as well, while I cut and used the interior tube of an empty ink pen to create the slim central gun-barrels of his arm-cannons. The extra gun cartridges on his thighs were sculpted and glued into place, and I did some sculpting for his shoulder-pads and boots as well.

Then I painted him Tamiya gloss red. And his entire body had a base coat of black. His red body was weathered with black shoe polish... yeah, that's right... that stuff is almost like solid paint, which can be cleaned off with a wet napkin, before it dries... I like it, but I just don't like using shoe-wax / shoe polish for adding tones to human muscles, like on the body of a He-man or Conan, because black is not good for that... technically, a shade of brown polish is more realistic and it looks better in that scenario ;)





Anyway, Deadshot's handguns and his right thigh's gun harness came from ML Deadpool, and I also bought some more handguns from Casting cave!! [Shout out to Corey!! Thanks man!!].
And Deadshot's customized sniper rifle came from a McFarlane Walking Dead toy [it was some chick, I can't remember her name]. But the strap of the chick's machine gun, and its grip, both had to be enlarged before I could use it. The AK47 weapon latched  on his back [attached via a magnet] came from ebay, some guy in China was selling them. And the cool katana blade came from China as well, per the Dr. Wu line of 3rd Party Transformers accessories.
At one point, I thought I'd make my version of the entire Suicide Squad, based loosely on the animated movie called "Assault on Arkham", which was released back in 2014, before the Will Smith and Margot Robbie Suicide Squad movie was released in 2016... But I dunno.... we'll see how things go. Just search for "DSNG Custom Killer Frost" and you'll see the first member of the squad that I created last year [She was posted HERE, in my DSNG blog]...