Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I saw this clip a few days ago, and I ignored it.... But my persistent Web browsing eventually brought it back to me. Here is the pitch:

Deena Nicole Cortese from the popular MTV Jersey Shore Reality Show got to be on Jay Leno's The Tonight Show, back on Sept 28, 2011. And Ed Helms [who plays "Stu" from The Hangover Part 1 & 2]  was also present on the couch, for an interview session. The discussion between Jay and Deena was coming to an end when Jay asked her about the "Jersey Turnpike" dance move... now watch this clip:

If that video doesn't work, then check out the link HERE

All right, you can tell that Ed enjoyed that tease a lot more than he's willing to admit. I could have sworn the Jersey Turnpike was another classic dance move, notoriously known for its origins in the Southeastern USA [Florida, the home of Uncle Luke and the 2LiveCrew] and its popularity in the islands [Like Jamaica & Trinidad and Tobago]. I think it's even popular in Arab nations like Saudi Arabia and Oman. I'm quite certain that rapper Juvenile had a hit song back in 1999 titled "Back that thing up", which summaries what Deena was doing. Per her physique, Deena Nicole Cortese [shown on the left side above, who is 23 years old and stands at 4 feet 11 inches tall] is a bit of a thick Pawg with strong legs, so she's probably used to getting attention in the Jersey dance clubs.

This Jersey Turnpike dry-humping dance is basically the classic booty shaking / twerking dance move; the guy stands still and the girl backs up into him. Some call it the Makossa / the Ndombolo, a traditional African dance, which can be modified into various sensual styles. I still remember the 1988 Eddie Murphy movie titled Coming to America, which had an African dance number somewhere close to the beginning, in the first act. Those were actually modified Makossa moves choreographed and presented in an entertaining fashion by a group of dancers.

BTW, I did see The Hangover Part 2.... and ... well lets just say Ed Helms found himself in a compromising and painful position at one point, at a strip club in Bangkok. No, he didn't get shot/stabbed; but he was the one bending forward....
Please don't rush off and rent that movie; it's not worth it, unless you want to feel "shock and awe... & disgust" :)

Go and see Mission Impossible 4, or Real Steel, or The freakin' Sound of Music --> I guarantee that you'll like at least one of those flicks.