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All right, if you are familiar with current female Hip Hop MCs then you know Nicki Minaj. She is 28 years old. She was born in Trinidad and Tobago, but moved to the Queens borough of New York City at age five. Nicki's real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She is very gifted, although she often comes across as overly eccentric.

BTW, the third pic of a busty urban female model with curvy hips and a big butt is Ms. Vanity Wonder, not Nicki Minaj.


Laura Dubois is one of the sexy female characters from the DSNG sci fi series. She is a renowned District Attorney and she is an ex-girlfriend of Prince Azzar, the main hero in the DSNG sci fi series. I've done articles featuring her in the past.


She is a curvaceous woman with a sexy figure. and that almost looks like a sexy witches Halloween costume - yet that was not my intent. Laura was also featured in the short 150-page story: DSNG TALES: UNUSUAL SUSPECT, available at Amazon as a download for 99 Cents.
The Blog article that talks about that action packed e-book, an undercover mission / thriller: HERE

While they may be rather similar in physiques, these two ladies [Laura Dubois and Nicki Minaj] have immense differences, which I'll highlight in this post:

1. Luara has naturally gray hair, while Nicki Minaj wears a variety of blonde, pink & white wigs.
2. Laura is tall [she's over 5 feet 8 inches] and Nicki is short [she's under 5 feet 5 inches].
3. Nicki released 3 mixtapes over 3 years before her big break & discovery by Lil Wayne in 2009 [ Playtime Is Over, Sucka Free and Beam Me Up Scotty]. And Laura loves to dance, but she has absolutely no rap skills. 
4. Laura's big butt is 100% real. And there are a ton of speculative theories/eyewitness reports that verify that Nicki's curvy booty is fake.

Some critics have claimed that Nicki underwent a variance of Rhinoplasty [plastic surgery] to enhance her derriere. Others have said she takes periodic butt injections. While some believe she wears padded undies.

Rhinoplasty (reconstructive nose surgery) was first developed in ancient India, by the ayurvedic physician named Sushruta (ca. 800 BC), who described reconstruction of the nose in the writings of the Sushruta samhita (ca. 500 BC), his medico–surgical compendium. And per ancient discovered records, the Roman Empire [during the period from 27 BC – AD 476] also had classic plastic surgeons, who helped to do light reconstructive works upon their affluent patients, so this stuff really isn't that novel.

But this stuff is dangerous.... there is a female British rapper/actress named Claudia Aderotimi who died after getting silicone butt injections, earlier this year in February 2011. She traveled to the USA for the unsupervised procedure in a hotel bedroom in Philadelphia. And after the procedure, she began feeling chest pains and headaches as the silicone began shutting her system down. Unfortunately, she didn't live for long after that phase, and investigations are still underway.

Standards for beauty appear to change over time. And local cultures along with the media projections have a lot to do with what people perceive as beauty. I've made this statement before in this blog and it is worth repeating:
 - Curves don't make a woman. They just make men stare at a woman - 

Curves do not equate to beauty. And those who are ignorant enough to pump their backsides with chemicals like "Pebblez tha Model" have no idea what lasting beauty and overall proportions are all about. Take a look at this pic on the left, an Ebony magazine cover from last year.

That was singer Sade, in 2010, after her 51st birthday. The major complaint about fans tied to this image was the fact that her classic cheek freckles were airbrushed away. But beyond that fact, that is the real Sade, who sang "Smooth Operator" back in 1984.

Sade Adu is a British-Nigerian lady and she is an R&B legend. She doesn't have a giant butt or large boobs. But in my opinion you can look at her face and see timeless beauty....

The music video below showcases her face back in 1984/1985, over 20 years ago. Take a look at it and you'll note that she really hasn't changed that much. She literally has the gift of youth; thus like a lot of Brazilian women with exceptional skin, she doesn't age rapidly.

People tend to put on weight as they grow older, due to lack of exercise, hormones and other factors. Hence, being the Photoshop Pro that I am, I decided to do a morph of what Nicki Minaj's fake booty might look like, when she is 50 years old....

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