Monday, December 16, 2013


So amidst the other insignificant events flowing from the aftermath of the New 52 relaunch that took place roughly 2 years ago, there are a few lasting storylines that have spawned their own comics in recent times. And along that trend, Superman and Wonder Woman are now formally dating, although they have been keeping it private. And they tend to make-out and swap spit a whole lot [as shown in the kissing pic on the left]. And in Superman / Wonder Woman issue #4, the secret is finally out, about the covert love relationship between Clark and Diana.

I did an article a few years ago that listed the many girlfriends of Batman, who is a certified billionaire playboy [that article is over HERE].
And unlike Bruce Wayne, who is clearly a player, Clark Kent has always been mild-mannered and gentle, almost like a good little boyscout. But now the boyscout from Krypton is probably doing "the nasty" / "the dance with no pants" with an Amazon princess.
And according to Futurama fans: HOTDAMN! SUPERMAN AND WONDER WOMAN ARE  DOIN' THE SNU SNU!! :)
I truly can't imagine what it would be like for a male alien demigod and an super-female Amazon to make love.... But putting those uncensored imaginations aside, I'm more concerned about the current Superman and Wonder Woman comics. Of course DC Comics will keep it PG-13. But if they intend to turn it into a mushy soap-opera based on concepts like: "our love is so deep, it is stronger than evil" or "today, I think he loves me, or he loves me not", then the entire series will crash faster than a speeding bullet, due to dwindling comic sales.
Traditionally, comics have been predominantly bought by fan boys [although there are lots of lovely geek gals out there, like those who read this blog]. And most male fans actually buy comics because of the dynamic action & adventure tales. The guys do enjoy the romance, as long as the art is fantastic and they like the male & female couple. But if the entire story over several books is watered down into a tender soft soap-opera, then it tends to be a turn-off to the guys.

Perhaps DC Comics is aware of this issue [they should be, after being in business for over 50 years]; therefore, they have released the cover image of Superman / Wonder woman #6, which shows General Zod and Faora, fighting against the Kryptonian boyscout and his Amazon girlfriend. But that's in issue #6; and issue #4 will be hitting stores in the next few weeks, on January 15, 2014.
So will the entire series keep fans entertained? I dunno; guess we will have to wait and find out....