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In this post, I'll briefly talk about three beautiful ladies from the DSNG sci fi series.
The first is Azda Makeshdag, the second is Cinderah Kha'Lin and the third is Zelinda Denzo. These three ladies are featured in the latest DSNG ebook [DSNG Chronicles Book 11, which was launched last night, over here at!]

BTW, the lady shown on the cover of DSNG Book 11 is Yatzat, and the "t" at the end of her name is silent.

If you've been keeping up with this Overview series of blog articles, then you've actually met Azda before, about 2 years ago. She is the mother of King Titron [the lascivious monarch of planet Avera] and she is from planet Entrados, the Steampunk world. Azda is an ex-gladiator and she is a strong-minded lady. Azda was first presented in DSNG Book 1, so she's quite a notable character. And Azda is 10-times stronger than She-Hulk, since she is gifted with super-strength and agility - although she can't fly. Since Azda is from the Steampunk World, planet Entrados, she has orange skin; and most of people from that planet have either red skin or blue skin. And the Lizardians also hail from that world, which is run by the infamous Red Witch.
Azda is a veteran martial arts trainer, an she plays a major role in DSNG Book 11.

Next, we have Cinderah; and she is a female Kataran hailing from the icy world, planet Planoris. Clearly she was designed to be thick / sexy / phat / curvy / voluptuous etc. And in terms of her personality, Cinderah is very laid-back and she is rather secretive. Cinderah is a powerful female Kataran, and she is an ex-MMA champion.

Actually, you've met other female Katarans in the past, since I've done articles on Wandah and Chebeyah, who are regular characters that pop up in the DSNG sci fi books.
Cinderah is an NCI operative, thus she works as a senior Federal Agent in the Organized Crime Division. She first showed up in DSNG Book 10, when Azzar was hunting down the razerbacks / werewolves, while he also battled a super-strong villain known as The Tank. But if you recall some of the brisk details within DSNG Book 6, that volume [with the cyborgs on planetoid Darosa] contained one of the earliest mentions of Cinderah - and it was Yatalia that mentioned her, while Yatalia was arguing with Vince.
Anyway, Cinderah has a strong crush on Prince Azzar, and they both go out on a hot date in the latest volume, Book 11.

The last female in the trio is Zelinda, and she is a neurosurgeon with a lovely hourglass figure. Plus she makes her first appearance in the latest ebook. Perhaps the best words to describe Zelinda are "crazy, sexy, cool", since she often comes across as a bubbly dumb-blonde, even though she is super-smart. She loves to joke around and she trully is blessed with the gift of youth, since she is older than Prince Azzar [the main protagonist in the DSNG sci fi series], yet she looks like she's younger than him.
Zelinda hails from planet Erion, where there are animan characters like Mieka, the wife of the suave mob boss Jut-Hun, who hails from a panther species [Mieka was shown previously in This Article].
Zelinda loves to flirt, and she is fond of grinning broadly and saying hilarious things.
And Zelinda is a character with a very peculiar past... yet she keeps her past as a highly guarded secret, while she works as a veteran surgeon. She and Azzar also meet in the book, but under very chaotic circumstances....

There are other returning characters like Fadiya Blackthorn and her huge elder brother Farooq [from the evil superhero family known as the Blackthorns], whom I could have drawn and added to this article... just didn't have the time to do so. But they are featured in the latest ebook! 

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