Sunday, January 19, 2020


Over this weekend, the latest DSNG ebook has been launched at Amazon! And it features an adventure with Yatalia Yentoshima, a female Alpha Senturi soldier! I've done several articles with Yatalia in the past, showing her pics [with her face, as a civilian], her bio and some of her background. And the article featuring the explanation of the Alpha Senturi Black-ops soldiers is over HERE.

Yatalia is a female Commander and she's a bad ass fighter. And she's a Gothic gal, yet she is social and congenial with her associates. In some ways, she can be viewed as a dark rose. She is a super soldier and she's a high level Muay Thai combat expert... and she's she got the ChunLi thighs.

Here is the Overview of the latest ebook:
The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the Twenty-third installment of the DSNG series!

Following the conclusion of the gladiator tournament known as the War Games on the Water World planet Macur, Commander Vince and his tag-team partner Teela Storm embark on their return journey to their home world of planet Avera, via a borrowed Sybercon Class3 Cruiser. And Professor Axel has left the Chosen Daughter at this juncture, while Teela remains oblivious to his true identity.

But that very night, over on Avera, in the cold northern mega state of Lavernia, an Alpha Senturi soldier with ties to crooked politicians finds himself in an underground gambling center. And the gifted soldier arrived looking like a civilian. But soon chaos ensues and a homicide occurs, as the Alpha Senturi ends up getting killed by a mysterious assailant. But there appears to be more than one culprit in this heinous crime, along with multiple victims, all slain without a discernible motive.

Thus the police detectives in Lavernia and the Federal Agents from the National Crime Investigation Agency are summoned, to carefully investigate the homicide. But on the same night that the Alpha soldier was slain, an aerial armed robbery also takes place in Swanburg City, which was perpetrated by a mysterious gang utilizing two disparate armed hovervehicles. And one of those vehicles that the gang utilized for the heist was an armored SUV, specifically a Ram-Rod TAC2500. And one of the felons displayed super powers amidst the nighttime robbery, resulting in several dead officers and extensive collateral damage. The stolen merchandise was recently imported, while it belongs to Vector Weapons Systems.

Yet as the dust settles, the detectives have no idea of whether or not the two recent crimes are connected. Soon a corporate e-mail is dispatched to the top NCI Federal Agents and the leading law enforcement officials, in both South Philadelphia and Lavernia. And the request for assistance soon reaches the inbox of Commander Yatalia Yentoshima. Thus Yatalia, a fellow Alpha Senturi black-ops operative, is forced to step up to look into the initial homicide, which involved an Alpha soldier that she was acquainted with many years ago.

And as the investigation unfolds, a mysterious Entradan artifact gradually comes to light… a highly sought-after item tagged as the Book Of Death...

 - Part 23 of 23 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 890 pages

All right, be sure to download the new DSNG eBook 23 over HERE!!
You can get it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or kindle, as long as you download the free Kindle App to any of those devices first!!


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