Monday, June 17, 2019


It's been a long time since I wrote one of these "Exploring DSNG" Blog Articles. Anyway, glad to get back at it! And now the ebook DSNG Book 22 has recently been launched at Amazon, and that means the dynamic 4-Part War Games Saga is complete!

The DSNG Chronicles eBooks numbered between 19, 20, 21 and 22, all feature a continuous story arc that unfolds over a period of 2 to 3 days. Based in the futuristic Makuran galaxy, The DSNG Tales are a Mature saga [18+], featuring themes of Sci Fi Action, Adventure, Romance, Comedy and Drama.

This story arc features a super-soldier named Vince, along with his female associate Teela, who are stranded on the Water World Macur. Vince hails from plane Avera, one of the other major planets in the Makuran Galaxy. And Vince is a close ally of Prince Azzar, the main protagonist of the DSNG Saga.

Vince was shown on the cover of the new Book 22; while his younger ally Teela Storm, an engineer, was shown on the cover of Book 21 [on the right].

And gradually as the tale unfolds in DSNG Book 22, Vince and Teela, [along with their mysterious psychic ally, Professor Axel] find themselves transitioning from the category of restricted prisoners, to contracted gladiators. And they get drawn into a bloody tournament called The War Games, in which they have to fight for their very lives and for their freedom... But there are over 90 other gladiators in the same tournament hosted at the Krator Dome, who also want to acquire the golden trophy, after all the elimination rounds are over.

But on planet Macur, there are three alien races: the Zarchons, the Nauticons and the Newterons. And there are a lot of politics and devious government / military issues going on in the background, which could lead to a second civil war... and if that happens, Vince and Teela will never escape alive...

There are some sub-plots that unfold over the course of the lengthy sci fi tales like this one, since the ebook is about 900 pages long. But everything gets resolved in the end, unless the issue tied to a mystery that will be revealed in a later story-line ;)

And here is an Overview of the latest ebook:

The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the Twenty-Second installment of the DSNG series!

On the Water World of planet Macur, the tryouts for the annual event known as the War Games have been concluded. And the grand tournament is finally about to begin, with roughly 90 stalwart competitors. And the dynamic tournament rounds will be hosted at the vast undersea facility known as the Krator Dome. And per the mysterious hand of fate, the three protagonists, namely Commander Vince Garroth, Teela Storm and Professor Axel, are no longer prisoners.

But unfortunately they’ve now found themselves tied into the bloody tournament. Vince is a super soldier from planet Avera, while Teela is his Taranian business associate, who must now become his tag-team partner. And Axel is Teela’s college professor, who has professional knowledge in the fields of applied robotics and mechanical engineering.

Indeed, Axel is Teela’s ally and he is a red-skinned psychic being hailing from planet Entrados; but his true identity is something that no one has been able to discern, for the past 24 hours. At this juncture, Vince, Teela and Axel have become allies of Akmerah, the feisty impetuous female pirate, who is also a resident of planet Macur. They were once her ractracons / captives, but now they’ve become chosen gladiators. And they must fight to gain their full freedom from planet Macur by triumphing in the War Games!

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As the War Games commence at the Krator Dome, Drak-Jar the devious Director of the facility has recently survived a deadly attack from a military trained Stealth Hunter. But shortly after that, Drak-Jar, aka The Fisherman, finds himself suspended from his post—thus creating a void in the hierarchy of authority at the top of the Dome’s management structure. And the current reigning Champion of the tournament, Kreg-Mon The Monsoon, has been accused of conducting some explosive terrorist activity, which he allegedly initiated at an undersea Newteron-owned city.

Additionally, over 3,000 members of the rebel faction known as the Dark Veins, aka the brutal Tuskmen, are descending upon the Krator Dome today, since they're coming to witness the live tournament, along with a flood of 90,000 other fans. The arrival of the Tuskmen complicates things for Akmerah, one of the ten pirates that serves Drak-Jar.

While Drak-Jar, Kreg-Mon and the Dark Veins all hail from the all-male aquatic Zarchon race, Akmerah is a Nauticon. And her all-female race have been persecuted by the Zarchons for eight centuries, since the days of the former Civil War. But now Akmerah has a dangerous multi-phase plan that she strongly desires to execute on this boisterous day of activity. No one fully knows what her strategy involves, not even her mentor Lindra, the Chief Gladiator Trainer at the Dome.

 Yet if Akmerah’s plans fail, it will unquestionably mean death for her and all of her sisters. And it will also mean the demise of Vince, Teela and Axel, since they have become her close allies. And even while the bloody War Games unfold at the Krator Dome, Akmerah and her allies have no idea that the three senior leaders of the Cult of Dark Veins are planning a vicious event behind the scenes, as they form a new Council of Twelve Zarchon Lords.

And the formation of that new national governing Council will definitely lead to the violent genocide of Akmerah’s people, regardless of the outcome of her dangerous plans...
Part 22 of 22 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 900 pages

You can download the long dynamic ebook to your PC, laptop, kindle, or phone over HERE for just $5.99!!

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