Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Last night, DSNG Book 18 was launched at Amazon, and the ebook is available right now!! Over HERE!!

Book 18 is probably the longest book that I've ever written, since its roughly 1,040 pages long, inside the Kindle App [but its about 1,056 pages in MS Word]. It's so long that Amazon offered up 124 pages free, which is roughly 12 % of the book. And you can actually read the free stuff online, when you click on the Cover Image shown over HERE.

Anyway, The storyline spans roughly 20 hours from start to finish, and that implies that the sci fi action / adventure doesn't last  up to 24 hours. But it took me a long time to present the contents, since I chose to slow down and give you details that will help you appreciate the characters.

For those fans new to DSNG Sci Fi Series, Prince Azzar Omenus is the main protagonist in the stories; he is an Alpha Senturi super-soldier and  the Senior Commanding Officer of the Centura, aka the military force of planet Avera, his home world. And all of the DSNG adventures, which unfold within the Makuran Galaxy, revolve around Azzar and his experiences, along with those that he interacts with. And his closest allies are featured, in addition to his enemies.

Yet this new ebook features more of Azzar's stepbrother, Tek-Hon, aka the Dark Swordsman. Tek-Hon is a four-armed Scalatan and he is the number-one operative in the notorious Gorilla Rebel Militia - a gang of superhuman terrorists.
There are 7 major planets and roughly 8 alien races in DSNG, having good guys and bad guys. Tek-Hon is shown on the cover of Book 18 above, and he's the ninja-guy. Behind Tek are two characters: Captain Kano [blue skin] and Zalmedah Khan [blonde chick, golden skin]. Tek was also shown on the cover of Book 9, along with a few of his allies.

Here is the Overview of the long ebook, which was posted at Amazon:

The dynamic sci fi adventure continues with the eighteenth installment of the DSNG series! While Prince Azzar is still residing on planet Taran with his new Kataran girlfriend named Dr. Karli, a group of Kataran soldiers known as Strike Team Mortimus, who hail from Karli’s tribe, are en route to the Steampunk World, Planet Entrados.

Led by Captain Zonar Chronos, and accompanied by an expert tracker named Temfur Lurk II, the members of Strike Team Mortimus have been consigned with the difficult task of hunting down a certain four-armed killer, who was guilty of committing several homicides back on Atlantis, one of the five moons of Planoris. The bloody trail leads the Kataran Strike Team to the shores of Emerald Bay, on planet Entrados.

And once the Kataran Team arrives, they are confronted by military soldiers linked to the native land, specifically an armed troop led by two Dark Crow Captains; who are elite enforcers with psychic powers that are tied to the hordes of the Red Witch—the mysterious female dictator of the planet. Yet the two Dark Crow Captains, namely Captain Kano and Captain Cytora, appear to have two completely disparate philosophies, which complicate the entire mission for Captain Zonar and Strike Team Mortimus. And even before the Kataran Team is allowed to embark upon their mission on foreign soil, each of the two Dark Crow Captains make different decisions; critical decisions, which will affect Zonar’s naive team in ways that they never imagined.

And those critical decisions also affect the fate of an innocent Entradan woman, a special young lady named Zalmedah Khan…

[You may need to click the words "Read More" slightly below and on the right, to see the rest of this long article]

Eventually the hunt for the four-armed Scalatan convict leads to a bloody clash, because it turns out that the target is Tek-Hon, the top warrior of the notorious Gorilla Rebel Militia. And tonight, the four-armed Killer of Killers appears to be residing at the famous Leviathan Lounge, which is owned by a powerful woman named Lankesha Fonda. Tek had formally come to the Lounge, in order to visit the blonde psychic lady named Zalmedah Khan, thus forcing their destinies to become intertwined... Explosive bedlam ensues, as the members of Strike Team Mortimus attempt to bring the perpetrator to justice, since Tek-Hon is faced with one grim option: kill or be killed!

Additionally, Zayah the elite Paragon mercenary is faced with a difficult dilemma, since Graven the fearsome God of War has ordered her to slay Aiden Wolf, the young God of Justice, who resides with TJ Wolfen and his other youthful Paragon allies at Castle Alcamera—which is also based on planet Entrados.

Having been around for eons before the era of mankind, the Paragons—who are also known as the Sons of the Gods—are the most ancient ultra-sentient race in the Makuran galaxy. Plus the Paragons are mystic beings, with diverse ultra-abilities that place them in a category above most of the mortals, including those with super-powers. And out of the five surviving military branches of the Paragons, Graven is one of the most powerful and brutal Generals of all. Therefore Zayah knows that his direct orders are never to be taken lightly.

Yet Zayah the mercenary is unaware that a Fairy warrior maiden named Kajerna is also seeking to boldly confront Aiden tonight, regarding her own personal investigative agenda...

The killing of the young God of Justice seems to be inevitable at this point, per a certain dark prophesy that looms over his head, since an act of brutal genocide upon Entrados has been foreseen by Herlana the Sea Mistress. And the perpetrator in that vision is none other than Aiden Wolf. Therefore, per the incisive order of General Graven, Zayah must stop the prophesy. So she enlists the help of her stepsister, the Centaur named Mezlah. And the two female Paragons are faced with a daunting task tonight; since they must kill or be killed!

 - Part 18 of 18 e-books. Rated M for Mature; 1,040 pages

There's a lot more stuff that went on in the book than I could put in the summary above. And it's actually a Mature tale, so there's sex and violence, along with a mysterious plot, as the fans are left to wonder about what will happen to the lady called Zalmedah Khan - hence the title of the book was "The Fate of Khan".

All right, be sure to download the new ebook over Here!!
You can get it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone or kindle, as long as you download the free Kindle App to any of those devices first!!


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