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Those fans familiar with the DSNG ebooks have probably heard of the name "Lady Trishat Zong". She is Prince Azzar's stepmother and she is the mother of Tekshat and Tek-Hon [Azzar's half-brother, and one of the Top 5 Gorilla Agents - the Gorillas are one of the many evil factions in the DSNG Sci Fi Series].
Lady Trishat is often referred to as the alien Jessica Rabbit, per her stunning hourglass figure. Standing at 6 feet tall, Lady Trishat has light-purple skin and an exotic physique. She is also often called the Foreign Queen, since she was secretly married to Azzar's father, King Vaygon Omenus, many decades ago.
And back in those days, prior to the First Averan Civil War, King Vaygon was a co-ruler of planet Avera, along with King Valon Omenus, his younger brother. And King Valon's mistress was Lady Azda, who is the mother of King Titron [the current monarch of planet Avera].


[Lady Trishat Zong, the alien Jessica Rabbit, wearing a corset bustle dress. She is sexy, curvy, voluptuous, thick, phat etc]

While Lady Trishat was married to King Vaygon, for various reasons the Averan people showed more reverence and respect towards her, as opposed to revering Lady Azda, who was a powerful gladiator and a gifted being.
As proved by the national laws that she helped to initiate and per her conduct in the royal courts, Trishat was [and still is] an intelligent woman with a very big heart and an extroverted / funny personality. Trishat, who was a renowned lawyer prior to marrying one of the co-rulers of Avera, has the habit of speaking her mind. So in the ebooks she is usually very blunt and incisive, when she speaks with others. And she currently has an entourage of four protectors: Candice, Carine, Keri and Ron-Zon.....

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...Both King Vaygon and King Valon perished before the event tagged as the First Averan Civil War, which was linked to a brutal clash between the four Generals of the two great Kings, who had formed a governing body referred to as the Martial Council. And after that war between the split members of the Martial Council, Titron rose to the throne - while it was feared that Azzar had perished off world, prior to the civil war [Check out DSNG Book 8, Chapter 9, for more details on what happened to Azzar; and DSNG Book 2 Chapter 19 talks about the Martial Council].

Anyway, Lady Trishat left the Imperial Palace on planet Avera before the brutal civil war commenced. So at the time of the conflict she was residing back on her home world of Scalata, before she moved to Serca-2, one of Scalata's colonized moons [the one ruled by Lord Vikktor Veraguddon].  

Lady Trishat and King Vaygon did not have any children together, although Trishat literally adopted a baby boy with the King. Actually, as explained in DSNG Book 10, King Vaygon had an affair with a lovely lady named Zasha; she was a traveling opera singer and she was the mother of Theo. A few months after Theo was born, Zasha gave him back to the King [since she just didn't have the time to raise a child while she kept traveling and performing on various planets]. Thus King Vaygon and Lady Trishat gladly accepted the little boy as part of their family.

There are certain rumors that Theo's mother, Zasha, is also the infamous Madam Black. And Madam Black is rumored to be the head of a notorious crime family known as the Blackthorn Clan, a group of super-human villains that work as traveling mercs. But of course that's never been proved or disproved, and since the door is left open, anything can happen...

Nevertheless, while Titron's royal pedigree was on one side, the royal family on Azzar's side was extremely blended, since Lady Trishat already had two little kids when she married Azzar's father, King Vaygon [ and the King was a widower, before Trishat traveled with her two little kids from planet Scalata to planet Avera].

But in recent times, after a warm invite from her stepson Theo, Lady Trishat has returned to the Imperial Palace! And she's determined to force her sons to get her some grand-kids! :)
Anyway, check out the new ebooks DSNG Book 12 and DSNG Book 13, to see the latest stories involving Lady Trishat!

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