Monday, March 19, 2018


I finally got around to coloring this pic. Mya  Funke is one of the super villains from DSNG Sci Fi Series, currently presented as ebooks on Amazon.
She is sexy, feisty and has super strength, along with limitless stamina; so she never gets tired in a long fight. Plus she's an alpha female with a mind of her own. She is a tech-whiz, and a programmer / hacker, per her day job. But she has a penchant for crime, and putting her hard fists in the faces of her foes. She'd probably make a good rival for Yatalia, one of my former characters, shown HERE.

Yeah, Mya has afro-puffs and she's thick; that's all part of her unique design. She also has other powers that will be revealed later. And she is slightly humorous, while she is tied to two different villainous factions. The first group is the Mega-Wolves and the second group is the Jakk-Hammer Squad.

Mya would fit in perfectly with Black Panther and the Advanced World of Wakanda... but she doesn't belong to Marvel, she is 100% mine.

The DSNG Series is an evolving tale, so most of the main characters has a past, a present and a future [when they survive the scripted sci fi adventures, which can often been extremely chaotic]. And from 30 years ago, Mya's past is tied to General Azaji and the Mega-Wolves [she was a follower in that evil group], while her current adventures are tied to the Jakk-Hammer Squad [and she's a leader in that group of hitmen].


GotDamn she's thick... :D Anyway, as teased in this former blog article Here, I've been working on her action figure toy and I will post that project soon.
Mya Funke makes her debut in DSNG Book 19, which will be released later this year. The other ebooks which can be downloaded to your PC, laptop, smartphone or kindle, and they range in price from just $0.99 and $2.99, up to $5.99 depending on their page length, are available over HERE.

Btw, the DSNG tales are Rated M for Mature, per the uncensored sci fi action, adventure and romance... a hardcore fan once called it "Game of Thrones in Space", per a book review; and another guy called it "TechPunk", as opposed to regular Cyberpunk, over on Deviantart....

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