Wednesday, May 30, 2012


All right, The Avengers 2012 movie is still breaking records at the box office, but the filming on the Ironman 3 movie is currently going on, over at Wilmington, North Carolina. Robert Downey Jr. is returning in the entertaining role of Tony Stark and the movie is slated for release on May 3 2013. Earlier today the buzz around the Web is tied to a new costume for one of the villains for Iron-man 3 [specifically a character named Eric Savin, who will be played by actor James Badge Dale]. In the Marvel comics historical archives, Eric is an army soldier who gets injured in a "fake war front" and he is crippled / disabled by a landmine explosion, which his jeep drives over. But due to technological breakthroughs, he is literally reanimated and transformed into a cyborg killing machine called Coldblood-7, who has one-mechanical eye [like Cyborg from Teen Titans] and lots of artificial organs.

But here is the twist: the original blue colored armor for Coldblood-7 is not anything like the Ironman armor in the comic books [check out the sample classic comic image of Coldblood on the right]. Yet for the forthcoming  Iron-Man 3 movie, Eric Savin [aka Coldblood-7] is being given the Iron Patriot armor, perhaps making him a super soldier who previously could not walk. We are not certain of what his legs will look like... he may even have giant tractor treads for all we know, since it appears that the lower half of his costume is currently outfitted for CGI enhancements [see the two "behind the scenes" pics below].

The Iron Patriot armor was worn by Norman Osborn the leader of the Dark Avengers, one of the arch-rivals of Spiderman, shortly after the Marvel Civil War events of 2007 - which culminated in Spidey foolishly revealing his identity to the whole world, and Captain American got killed towards the end of that storyline. Osborn stole the armor pieces from Stark Industries and put them together, but he didn't know how to create the repulsor-ray generators. Thus the Uni-beam source on the chest of the Iron Patriot is a star, as opposed to a triangle or circle.

Anyway, take a look at the red-white-and-blue armor of Norman Osborn, the original Iron Patriot [who led a team of Dark Avengers on a peculiar conquest against the real Avengers] several years ago, along with these behind the scenes images of actor James Badge Dale [who plays Eric Savin and the Iron Patriot character].



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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I did some browsing over the weekend, while collecting sexy pin-up samples from around the Web; often the poses that I choose to draw are actually based on real-life models partaking in photoshoots. Of course I often tweak the eventual proportions of the drafted female character, and that's my prerogative.
Anyway as I browsed, I noticed something that made me feel a bit... ambivalent. And by that I mean I am rather undecided, about how much body-paint is too much, upon the body of a young model.

As for guys, we really aren't built for eloquence and adorable beauty. Men ought to be tough and rugged, to a certain degree. And those of you who know of the rugged men who compete as MMA fighters are aware that a lot of those guys are covered in tats from their necks down to their toes.

I'm in my early-30s and I know that having multiple tats are tied to the traits of the hip-hop culture. Yet there was a time that excessive tattoos was more of a "rock & metal thing" than a "hip-hop thing". But with the ascension of Lil Wayne and other young rappers over the past 10 years that have been covered with an overload of body-paint, it seems like the younger generations find it extremely appealing to cover themselves with tattoos.

Sometimes, editors for King, Show Case or Smooth Girl Magazine will hire digital artists to use Photoshop and blot out excessive tattoos, so that they are not seen as a distraction to the inherent beauty of the pawg / latina / urban model featured within the Magazine pages. Now take a look at these "unPhotoshoped" Hip Hop Cake models, and you can be the judge... have some of them gone too far with the tattoos, or do they look even more beautiful and sexy to you with the tats? Plus, consider the placement  of their tattoos and imagine them without the scribbles on their skin... and you be the judge on whether it enhances their beauty or not.


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Friday, May 25, 2012


Here are some new posters / wallpapers that I did featuring Batman and Catwoman. I've got about three versions of this, so you can select the one that you like the most and download it.


And here are some other cool Batman & Catwoman posters from around the Web.... The artists behind the works below include Janditlev and nemafronspain:


On July 20th 2012, Warner Bros Studios will be releasing the third and final Batman movie from director Christopher Nolan, titled The Dark Knight Rises

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Friday, May 11, 2012


Earlier this year, BMW released the concept sports car dubbed as the I8 Spyder. In general, "Spyder" models are topless roadsters / racers, designed with just one goal in mind: excessive speed. I recall watching a documentary on the German founded BMW corporation and I noticed something that one of their top executive said: "We design cars that look fast even when they are not moving."
And that ideology is quite true, even in the new I-drive line of hybrid cars, which BMW execs are dubbing as the environmentally friendly cars of the future. The I8 does look like a futuristic sci fi vehicle, perhaps even the forerunner of a hovercar. BTW, The forthcoming Total Recall 2012 movie has several police hovercars in it, shown in this article over HERE.


The butterfly doors of the I8 Sypder sports coupe are shown in the wallpapers above. And the interior cockpit of the BMW I8 is shown below, plus its dashboard and futuristic controls are displayed.


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Sunday, May 6, 2012


Believe The Hype! [A few spoilers included, plus Avengers behind the scenes & on set images]

All right, I saw this movie over the weekend and I will say that it was impressive. Overall, director Joss Whedon [creator of the popular Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1997 TV series and the Firefly 2002 Cable TV series] was able to contrive a storyline that will please Marvel comic book veterans as well as newbies to the Avengers' superhero franchise.

At the end of the movie, the legendary artist/creator Stan lee was credited as an executive producer - I'm still not certain on what his work on the movie was, but perhaps he served as a creative consultant. Also, the final script of the movie executed by Joss Whedon was actually written first by Zak Penn, before Joss took things over and started modifying it to fit his own expensive tastes.

 Above: Pictures of Captain America [Chris Evans], Iron Man [Robert Downry Jr], Black Widow & Hawkeye


Iron Man's latest exo-suit combat armor is showcased above [either the Mark V, VI, VII or VIII.... I've lost count at this juncture].

Yes, Joss Whedon's tastes in terms of mega-movie production and epic battle scales are flashy and expensive; while sitting in the theater watching the 3D presentation, I specifically said to myself at two separate junctures: "This damn movie must have cost at least 200 million dollars to create all the special effects."
Guess what? I was wrong. I did the research and found that The Avengers movie cost approximately 220 million dollars. And that doesn't take into consideration the extra 15 - 20 million dollars spent on their global advertising campaign.


Mighty Thor [and his powerful hammer that conducts electricity /lightning bolts] played by Chris Hemsworth. Below,  more posters of the Black Widow [Scarlet Jo] & Hawkeye [Jeremy Renner], the archer assassin.... who seems to be... a rogue agent???



  Loki and Nick Fury, played by Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L Jackson respectively.

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